26 November 2006

CCCX #3 26 November 2006, Manzanita Park

CCCX #2 26 November 2006, Manzanita Park, Prunedale
Teammates: Mike S
Friendly rivals: ~20

Lost some skin off the hip sliding down Montebello a couple of weeks ago and it grew back in time for this race. For this and other reasons missed the last three race weekends so had lots of riding time but no racing with a ATL of 135 and CTL of 118 going into the race, fit but not very fresh with a TSB of -17...

Keith and the gang promised a new course and delivered with a change up from prior years, missing was the one short and steep runup, this was replaced with a shorter runup and overall the course felt a bit faster, a nice change from the past. At this point in the season only the guys who have a shot at the overall and the real diehards show up and Mike and I fall into the latter category. Mike said he only rode his bike once all week. What surprised me was he was hot on my heels for the next forty odd minutes! I could never drop him and he could never quite reel me in, either. Early on he passed me, bobbled the runup and I never saw him again. I managed to knock my PowerTap CPU loose so missing data from the middle two laps.

Pnorm: 198
Pavg: 165
H: 173
T: 26:13 - about 16 minutes
S: 20.7

CCCX #3 November 2006 Prunedale, CA