31 July 2005

Ed Steffani Memorial

velocity deep front and back
peak flow 525
pretty hot and no allergy symptoms so I skipped the inhaler
temperature in the shade 94
temperature on the track 105
Position of the speed sensor in the rear is optimized for the 50x15 gearing, should have moved it but forgot, so a few dropouts in data for speed.

mixed field of about twelve riders

flying one lap

For some reason I can go harder with other riders in front of me on the track, only 5s peaked at about 875 here and went to about 975 in the 3 lap scratch. Either that or I need to sprint once during my ten minute warmup.

duration of effort, not the one lap
T: 35.5
P: 595
S: 29.3
C: 121

elite 3 three lap scratch
Went for it at the 200 meter line with one lap to go, made a newbie mistake and pulled up on turn four on the last lap when looking back and Scott King scooted by easily underneath. Did not count the first lap or so when the three of us played the match sprint game.
T: 1:00
P: 465
S: 26.6
C: 110

10 lap something - got dropped and lapped I think
T: 5:13
P: 221
S: 22.7
C: 93

10 lap point a lap - masters, this was only four of us and the first two sprints, Scott King went on a short break of about twenty meters while the rest of us geezers looked at each other. He pulled up and I went tempo underneath. I thought I had it easily but then Scott started ramping it up on my right shoulder so I had to give a really good effort, then figured I'd already spent myself, might as well continue. On the next lap Scott surprised me by coming underneath on the blue band, I guess he may have boxed himself in, not sure. Then he wanted to continue but that first sprint killed me as I just tried to draft the rest of the race.
T: 4:54
P: 248
S: 24.2
C: 100

15 lap points race, Steve jumped out on the first lap and George, Richard and I looked at each other. Steve got within about 20 meters but could not close the gap to get the lap. George and Richard worked together to chase him down and leave him hanging out there while I barely hung on, finally George put in a hard effort and dropped Richard and I. George caught Steve on the last lap but Steve won every sprint before that so it did not matter.
T: 7:37
P: 221
S: 24.0
C: 99

6 lap something - unknown distance, Jun was out front about 50 meters ahead when the bell rang for the group so he won easily. Steve McFarland and I both jumped as we approached the 200 meter line and Steve nipped me at the finish line.
T: 2:40
P: 277
S: 23.7
C: 99

Miss and out 4th, played the devil while Jun and Steve set tempo on the front.
T: 3:08
P: 261
S: 24.3
C: 102

10 lap handicap, got in handicap group, had nothing left after three laps so dropped out of group and just finished.
T: 5:37
P: 232
S: 22.5
C: 92

Australian Pursuit
George Meilahn was about three poles behind me and Brian was in front of me. I did not want to assist George too much so when he caught me I tried accelerating with what I had left a few times and he got tired of that and passed me. :)
T: 1:31
P: 279
S: 23.3
C: 96

29 July 2005

29 July Friday Night Racing

Elite 3
Peak flow 525
71 kg
Hed 3 clincher front and rear

Heart rate strap broke right when I attempted to put it on so no HR data.
Teammates - Paul Mircik, Ben Dodge, Steve McFarland, plus Vance Sprock in the 40+ and Matt Mosby in the P12's. Strongmen AJ Medonca and Douglas Northcutt upgraded to the P12 group so would be interesting to see what the dynamic of the group would be. Pritpal Singh raced with the A's last year but did not have enough points to upgrade to 2 and slummed with us in the 3's for tonight. He said he was using 49x15 which I thought was amazing because he puts in these really hard attacks that are difficult to follow. He thought I should go lower as well. Maybe next time... Funny enough Keith Rabbin was using 49x15 and switched to 50x15 after a couple of races because he felt he couldn't keep up when the group went really hard for the final sprint.

12 lap scratch
Group was going slow from the gun so tried to slowly ramp up the speed in the sprinters' lane underneath the group. Looked behind and had a small gap and punched it but tried not to blow up after the jump. After five laps, I could hear some riders behind me, wasn't sure if it was the whole group or not so for some reason managed to razor them for a lap. It was Dave Keefe and Brad Goodson and they had bridged without bringing any one else. I pulled up and Brad punched it and gapped us. At this point I was feeling the effort and when I pulled up and Dave went hard to catch his teammate I didn't think I could make it up, plus I figured the group would reel in two teammates. This happened during the last lap and I finished with the group.
T: 6:04
P: 272
S: 25.0
C: 96

6 lap to win and out
T: 3:05
P: 332
S: 26.1
C: 99.8
I knew the race would only take about three minutes (six laps times 30 seconds) so I thought I could go hard from the gun and if they let me stay out there the same amount of time as the first race it might work. I again eased up to the front via the sprinter's lane (since most guys wanted to go high and try to use the banking to accelerate when someone attacked) and went hard after we got the whistle to start racing. I managed three laps solo and had about a third of a lap lead when I could see someone bridging up, George Meilahn. We worked together till the end and got up to half a lap lead, I led out the last lap and didn't really sprint but neither did George so I got first and George got second by a good 75 meters and he had time to celebrate! My teammates said they did not really block but they also did not chase and no one else was interested in chasing.

Miss and out
T: 1:05
P: 359
S: 24.1
C: 92.3
After a long break was going to try to be the devil but ran out of room on the first lap. Doh. Paul led the group out for seven laps and was the sixth person to last person eliminated so he didn't get any points for his effort. He did win the overall for the night so that was good.

20 lap points race every 5 laps
T: 10:24
P: 278
S: 26.5
C: 101
This was hard after five laps and did not let up for the rest of the race. Got gapped with Kelly Bartholomew, Steve McFarland, Steven Wu, and Paul Mircik. Paul was able to get back in touch and the rest of us dangled about 50 meters back for fifteen laps. One thing I need to do is try to be more aggressive and bridge up solo because at one point every one just slowed down and I hesitated and had to backpedal hard instead of just going for it.

23 July 2005

23 July Corporate Crit

L shaped flat crit. Main difficulty is that some riders in field try to pass on the outside during corners when the entire field moves to the outside, forcing a lot of braking. Also, the lead riders typically took some poor lines for the pack. Average heart rate kind of low for both races. Probably not recovered from the track race last night. But power was about right for a flat crit.

71 kg
NP 186
TSS 123
IF .77

Didn't feel that great during this race, realized forgot to use inhaler. Anyways ran into Richard Perkins from Pen Velo and Jason D from Sierra (4th?) and John (?) from EMC. Thomas Oelsner and David Porter were racing from LGBRC. I just tried to sit on Thomas' wheel. With a few to go, David tried a flyer and stayed away until one lap to go. I was so far back in the last lap I didn't bother sprinting.
4/5 race
field 40
T: 38:01
H: 166
P: 184
S: 25.8
C: 78

P: 833 max

30+ 4/5 race
field 42
This race had teammates Rob Jensen, Thomas Oelsner, David Porter, Gene Rayner, Chris Tanner. Friend and arch nemesis Juan Ortiz showed up, having done really well at Lafayette Crit and convinced me to try it next year.
Since I didn't have any punch in the legs in the first race just thought I'd fool around in this one. We had a bunch of sprinters so when some guys went off and nobody looked interested in chasing I jumped out of the pack up to them, after half a lap the other two were pretty dead by this point and not pulling that hard. The pack caught us by the start of the next lap. Then just sat in waiting for the sprint. At one point Juan passed me in the bunch so I was worried about my position but he came back to me slowly. A couple of times riders would jump to the head of the pack but I did not have the snap in the legs to go up with them. About half way through my calves started to cramp up. In the last two laps the speed ramped up dramatically. What was happening was Rob was leading out Thomas and Chris with everything he had. I clung to the back of the pack right until after the last corner and accelerated a bit until saw about twenty guys ahead of me and my calves cramped really hard so soft pedaled in, expecting Juan to pass me but no luck so in the race within the race I beat Juan! :) Richard had a nice finishing kick to move pass me, though. A Team Spine rider I see all the time offered the helpful advice to try splashing cold water on the calves to ease up the cramps, and the evergreen drink for two days prior to race until your urine is clear, use Enduralytes or equivalent. I used one between races and ate a banana but will have to up the dosage to two next time. Cramped in second race at Hanford earlier this year but it was 65 degrees that day IIRC.
P:983 max when starting the bridge to breakaway
S:35.1 max

22 July 2005

22 July Friday Night Racing

My prerace meal for this included an appetizer of two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a rich slice of chocolate cake so I hoped to do well so I could continue this diet.

Elite 3 separate from the Masters/Women
71 kg
peak flow 500

10 lap scratch
Surging now and then and finally a group of four got up the road. I was sixth behind Kelsey and saw teammate Paul Mircik up the road so I just drafted Kelsey. I could see behind us the pack was gapped slightly and strung out. Finally with two to go Douglas Northcutt attacked out of the pack to the front four. At this point I didn't think we would catch them so I took the opportunity to sprint for a spectacular fifth place.

7 laps to win and out
I still was feeling either the first race or the ice cream and my stomach was a bit queasy. A few riders went early but with about two laps to go some came back and some caught on and five riders were strung out in front of me for about fifty meters and one of them was Paul and I looked back and saw the pack strung out behind me. I decided against pulling the pack up to them for the five places and pulled up track to see if the rest of the riders would be able to pull even. I think two riders made it up, but two other riders fell back so it was a wash. I just finished way behind the 345 sprint.

Miss and out
Eleven started. Douglas and Andy pulled the pack around side by side and Kelsey followed and I wheelsucked behind Kelsey and this gapped the pack for a while eliminating four riders. Jared was able to make it up to us and in the pole, at this point I went up track to box him in and was able to eliminate him to cut the field down to six. This left me just behind Douglas so I had to try to outsprint him for fifth place and I did not have another sprint in my legs, waited a bit long for that one, too.

15 lap every 3 laps points race
Pack strung out again by the usual suspects. I could see Paul ahead of me and decided against pulling anyone up to the minipack and let other riders try to catch up. This continued for most of the race as we chased and got within twenty meters where Pritpal was able to close the gap solo but the rest of us never got closer than that for the rest of the race.

15 July 2005

15 July 2005 Newman's Own Organics track omnium

71 kg
H3 clinchers
460 peak flow
10 lap scratch 35+
Someone pulled the pack for three laps so I just followed. When they pulled up, no one else pulled through I just kept going in the sprinter's lane, not really attacking, got a third of a lap gap and stayed out there for three laps when a couple of guys bridged up and we stayed away for three more laps and were caught about a lap and a half before the end and finished sixth or seventh.
T: 4:09
P: 332
H: 187
S: 27.7
C: 106

10 lap point a lap
Right after the scratch race was the only P123 race I wanted to do. Unfortunately there were only six of us that decided to do this race so no hiding. A couple of pro road riders and a couple of road twos, a three and me. Had not recovered enough from the previous race and got dropped after six and just soloed in for the track time.
T: 4:19
P: 260
H: 186
S: 26.4
C: 102

Masters Miss and Out
Some how actually eliminated two people. Thought I didn't try very hard but the data says otherwise.
T: 1:29
P: 396
H: 191
S: 27.8
C: 107

Masters 25 Lap Lotto
Group stayed together for six laps then someone decided they wanted to pull for half a lap and then slow to about fifteen in the sprinters lane and block. About ten people got stuck behind this person so we had to spend seventeen laps bridging, most of the work done by Yokota, Pritpal and Pallin. Caught and got dropped on the next lap. Doh.
T: 11:58
P: 258
H: 189
S: 26.2
C: 100

08 July 2005

08 July 2005 Burbank Memorial

71 kg
Not a whole lot of racing due to weird format. Next time I'll do the 35+ and the 123's.

10 lap scratch led for a bit, faded back, led for a bit, an attack went, we caught it except for one person, and then everyone else gave up and was content to follow me until the last lap for some reason.
T: 4:58
P: 305
H: 183
S: 25.9
C: 100

unknown distance
4 laps, hung in back, couldn't pass anyone because too much traffic
T: 2:18
P: 346
H: 186
S: 27.3
C: 105

miss and out
no data recorded, out pretty quick

10 lap handicap - four folks started in turn four, the rest of us started on the line, got in a paceline of five including Dean Haraguchi(!), by the end Don Langley got within a quarter lap and I got within a half lap of them except for Joe Fineman but too much ground to make up since they had help in the scratch group. Handicapped myself by going too high on one exchange and then foolishly overlapping Dean's rear wheel when he gave up and having to go up track. Doh.
T: 4:32
P: 321
H: 187
S: 27.1
C: 104

06 July 2005

Why is my power data so much higher for the track versus training on the road

Calibrate the SRM once a month so I am pretty confident of the recorded data. There is a drivetrain loss due to the SRM measuring at the crank and the PowerTap measuring at the hub but this should only account for either about 3% or 15-20 watts depending upon who you believe. This still leaves about a 15% difference. When I have attempted to do intervals on the road I have not come close to what I have done in some of these short track races. Today was the first longer interval day after a week off due to overtraining and another week off due to work traveling. I forgot to use the inhaler so I have to repeat this next week to see if the data holds up or I get better. I started off with a fifteen minute effort up Page Mill to just past Moody where it starts going downhill again. Then I tried a couple of repeats on Moody to see how hard I could push myself. The first time I got 255 watts for about six minutes which I've done before. The second time another ride came by me just as I was starting my interval. This motivated me to go pretty hard at the start and I averaged 278 watts for six minutes which, lowly as it is, is a new personal record for myself on such an interval on the road. I have to conclude I need a rabbit for my intervals or find a new way to motivate myself on these. These also hurt a lot, breathing wise. May take a different approach to training more harder shorter intervals and less longer aerobic efforts. From what I know, most of the faster guys have their FTP way higher than I can hope to raise mine.


01 July 2005

1 July Friday Night track at Hellyer

50x15 - this weeks races were faster than last week for some reason with a slightly smaller field - combined 3's/masters/women.
H3 clinchers front and back
Peak flow max was 475 this week.
72 kg
My knee did not hurt afterwards for the first time in a few months so that is a good sign.

Took me about 11 laps to get close to the front so I could sprint somewhere way out of the points at the end. Only four people scored points so whoever finished best in the sprint other than these four people would be placed fifth. Amazingly enough, that was me.
12 lap point a lap
T: 5:31
P: 308
H: 187
S: 29.1 avg
C: 112 avg

8 lap scratch
T: 3:39
P: 310
H: 191
S: 28.3
C: 107

Jumped with Alden at the start and we only managed to string out everyone. After that just sucked wheel til the end, sprinted for eighth or ninth place. :)
8 lap win and out
T: 4:11
P: 320
H: 188
S: 27.2
C: 105
Played the devil for four laps, thought I was pulled - didn't hear anything but I was last but apparently it was a neutral lap so I sort of chased for a lap and then was pulled. Weirdly this is the best I've done in a while in a miss and out.
Miss and out
T: 3:48
P: 323
H: 187
S: 26.5
C: 102