26 June 2005

A world class pursuit

For those that are interested, this pursuit file and kilo file along with a variety of other world class performance files are included with the SRM software and the SRM software is free to download.

T: 425
P: 475
S: 33.9
C: 123

What a world class kilo looks like

Some people are different from the rest of us. The fact that this person does 150+ for an extended time period when I have trouble with 130 and a much smaller gear is mind boggling. The surges in speed indicate straightaways versus turn, power goes down pretty rapidly after the initial surge, but still very high.
T: 1:02
P: 913 Watts
S: 36.3
C: 132.7

Burlingame 35+ 4/5 crit

NP 218.7
TSS 56.3
IF .93
P: 192
S: 25.8
C: 75 (spent a lot of time coasting through corners.)
71 kg
No HR data, not enough sweat, cool for most of the race.
Started from the back for a change, moved up the mid thirties and stayed there until five to go. Lost a bit of ground to guys who would pass and go very slow through the corners and kept going back and forth with them.
Left way too much in the tank, should have moved up with two laps to go but thought I should try it the next lap, coulda, woulda , shoulda. Stopped sprinting when I could see about fifty guys ahead of me in the final straight and some some squirreliness. At least I beat Juan Ortiz. :)

This was a full mph slower than last year, quite a bit windier today.

24 June 2005

24 June 2005 Friday night racing

Hed 3 clinchers front and rear
71 kg
425 peak flow
12 lap scratch
T: 5:40
P: 300 Watts
H: 185
S: 26.0
C: 102

8 lap to win and out
T: 6:10
P: 244
H: 184
S: 22.7
C: 88

miss and out
T: 2:05
P: 338 Watts
H: 178
S: 24.6
C: 93

There was a bad accident during the sprint 5-8 which required an ambulance. This interrupted the racing by about 30 minutes so some races were eliminated or combined. Our scheduled 25 laps points race was combined with the 80 lap nationals qualifier into a 50 lap 123's points race.

50 lap points race, lapped twice?
T: 22:49
P: 240 Watts
H: 185
S: 26.5
C: 103

14 June 2005

Friday night racing 17 June

Installed 165 crankarms on the SRM
Hed 3 front and back
71 kg
Races felt easier with field size of 13 versus 22 last week, plus Matt upgraded out and Mendonca, Pelaez and Del Valle were in Reno but no results to speak of.
Afterwards my legs felt great but not breathing so great

10 lap scratch
Ben went with about two to go, chase caught him, held back and came in 6th just behind him.
P: 258
H: 178
S: 24.2
C: 92

6 lap win and out
off the front for three laps and back in and out
T: 3:55
P: 323
H: 185
S: 25.9
C: 101

Miss and out
off the front for three laps and straight out the back
T: 2:27
P: 357
H: 185
S: 24.2
C: 95

15 laps points race
got caught behind a gapped rider and chased for 11 laps with Dick and Hilary
T: 7:26
P: 288
H: 189
S: 25.7
C: 101

11 June 2005

Fremont Crit

Apparently lost inhaler, oh well, won't try any breakaways today
35+ 4/5 crit
race a bit short of 40 minutes at 35
25/75 (I know I beat Juan Ortiz and this is the only place above him not picked.:))
Usual sketchiness
Former LGBRC Eric Bustos got second.
Heart rate indicates maybe the track racing on Friday was harder than I thought it was
Knee felt pretty good, though, after hurting on the drive over
I thought I was at my limit during the last lap but looking at the data I had a lot more to give. Need to ignore those signals next time or maybe it's the EIA...
P:883 Watts max
P:188 Watts avg
S:26.6 avg
H:169 avg
C:83 rpm
71 kg

10 June 2005

June 10 Friday night racing

3's omnium, 22 racers
H3 clinchers front and rear
forgot my asthma inhaler, doh
at least my knee felt pretty good afterwards
dropped like a rock in most of the races
71 kg

10 lap scratch
T: 5:05
H: 183
P: 262
S: 27.2
C: 105

7 lap win and out (took a flyer and stayed out there for first three laps)
T: 3:45
H: 191
P: 306
S: 25.5
C: 99

15 laps points race (caught behind someone who was only planning on warming up, doh)
T: 6:51
H: 189
P: 266
S: 25.9
C: 102

Didn't get the miss and out. Not sure why this was not recorded. Lasted three laps.

05 June 2005

Dunlap Memorial TT

I got to put to use the time spent on Larry Nolan's long form Thursday nights points races to good use as I rode a fixed gear pursuit bike in a long, flattish road time trial. Forgot to put on those aero shoe covers and lost my cell phone but at least my time was five minutes better than last year on the road bike with aerobars and similar wheels. Neglected to remove the padding on the aerobars before placing atop my friend's car so when we got there I had no padding for the aerobars, the pads long since flown off, oops. Fortunately he had a lot of duct tape and I fashioned some pads out of duct tape to place on the aerobars. Was a bit conservative in the corners because I was riding a fixed gear. The parts where the cadence drops to the 80's are headwind sections, and cadence over 100 are either slight downhills or tail wind sections.

HED 60 in front, disk wheel in back.

S:24.2 measured with SRM.
S:24.8 calculated from time.
Measured distance is 20.8 and the distance was supposed to be 34.3km or 21.3 miles. The tire on the disk wheel is smaller than the clincher I am using on the H3.

Last year I average 215 watts in 56 minutes and change. Taking into account the 3% or so drivetrain losses due to measurement at the hub with a PowerTap versus measuring at the crank with SRM still increased power by at least 5% over last year.

04 June 2005

Including one neutral lap exploring course.
Pack finish, couple of splits got up the road.
Where power stops going to zero is where I saw the break up the road and tried to bring it back. Only Pen Velo was out of the break so not much help - one team chasing versus four or five pushing the pace up the road. Should have just gave an all out effort to catch when we got within ten seconds of it instead of waiting for others to do the work.
240 NP ( this is higher than I can maintain for 50 minutes)
206 W avg ( this is the highest I've gotten on a flat crit.)
175 HR avg
81 cad avg
S : 24.4 this is slow but I was on the front a bit,and it was windy
IF 1.02 assuming FTP 235

03 June 2005

Friday night racing 3 June

H3 clinchers front and rear
170 cranks
70 kg

Point a lap ( caught behind dropped rider, rode solo for 8 laps)
T: 4:47
P: 300
H: 182
S: 26.5
C: 102

P: 268
H: 175
S: 25.8
C: 95

miss and out( only eliminated on rider from the back)
T: 2:13
P: 269
H: 175
S: 23.1
C: 83

Win and out:
T: 4:33
P: 311
H: 183
S: 28.1
C: 108