10 December 2005

MTB ride for fun

Cast of Characters:Dino, Benoit, and Jun.

Woke up late and had to stuff the bike into the car and drive to the starting point to get there only a little late but my rush made me neglect to bring my camera. Luckily Jun showed up even later so I didn't feel so bad. :) Unluckily I managed to mangle my front derailleur so I could not get it out of the granny gear. So I rode the first couple of miles on the road spinning like a madman trying to keep up with everyone else. The other guys took a short break in Fremont Older and graciously gave me enough time to move the derailleur so I could use the middle.

I think my odometer and speed are about ten percent high - compared my speed data to Dino and Benoit and I realized I had the low profile slick on my MTB and I never bother to update the computer for any wheel size other than the one on my road bikes.

S avg 11.3 so probably 10.2 in reality
P avg 141
P norm 200
TSS 224 - I thought this felt really hard for a three hour ride
IF 0.85

03 December 2005

Pilarcitos #3 Coyote Point

Teammates: Chris D, Darrel in 35A, Steve Stewart on sidelines watching
Friendly rivals: Cody and Jeremy in juniors, Curt, Greg, Murray in 35B, Alden, Travis and Gregg in C's.

It was about 35 degrees when I showed up so I wore two pairs of arm warmers, thick Sheila Moon knee warmers and a vest and was still a bit chilly during the four warmup laps.

Did a lap on the 40-12/25 bike with 32 mm tires and it felt fast but hard going in the second minor hill up to the road crossing so I switched to the 44/34-12/25 bike with 42mm tires ( but managed to just use the big ring for four of five laps...) Went out first with 38 PSI for a couple of laps and the noise of the tires rubbing on the long pavement sections reminded me of the worse rolling resistance, plus it would be faster to run more of the runup than relying on lower tire pressure to allow me to ride more so I upped the pressure to 42 PSI. Still not one flat during a race this year. I did mis shift one time to the small ring and threw the chain off during the hill before the long run up so I quit trying to shift the front after that.

I am such a klutz that while I was pinning on Alden's number I managed to fall over and spike myself in the butt with my STI lever and get a really large bruise as part of my warmup. This made it hurt every time I pedaled with my right leg. This hurts so much I am not sure if I am racing tomorrow.

Went out really hard and attempted to stay with the guys that I went into the first hill with and really blew hard on the second lap. At this point Greg passed me back and when I tried to sit on his wheel on the flats could not do anything so I had to do the long paved section solo. The short paved hill really killed my legs for the long runup that followed and this made it hard to get in to any sort of rhythm as I am usually stronger on the run. I had to spend the third *and* fourth lap sort of recovering then Jeremy and Cody passed me ( unusually not the first junior as an overzealous C forced Jeremy to crash into a curb) and finally Curt passed, and we had to slow on the fast downhill due to a hurt rider semi-blocking the double track. I was able to follow at a distance but doing the long flat sections solo was mentally taxing. Gregg passed me on the last time up the long runup but he was walking the barriers so I passed him back and he passed me a final time on the pavement at the top of the course. Seeing Gregg and Curt just ahead finally motivated me to push hard on the last lap but was able 20 meters short at the line and I felt like I had tried really hard for most of the race and didn't make any major technical mistakes after learning the course on the four warmup laps, just was slow. :)
P: 175
S: 11.9

27 November 2005

CCCX #4 Prunedale 27 November

70 kg
Went with a bit lower pressure after reading the back and forth on tire pressures, about 38 front and back with the 42mm wide Ritcheys. Felt a bit wobbly in the rear on the paved hill but no pinch flats.
Teammates: Chris Pearson, Dino in 45+B, Chris D, Darrel B in 35A, Joe Fabris, Steve Stewart in 45A.
Friendly rivals: Andrew in juniors, Travis in C's, Murray and Erik in 35B/45B, Jason in the B's.

P: 159
S: 12.2

I felt like I was really slow but this was faster than I went at Surf City Watsonville or Clark Natwick and I still came in next to last! I think it was much easier to go faster here because the fields were smaller and there was plenty of room to pass. Got lapped on the last lap so I got to do one less lap than most of the other folks. I tried to not go too hard at the start and could not help myself and pulled off a typical crit start and sprinted for the heck of it at the end of the race since three B's had lapped me.

20 November 2005

Clark Natwick CX at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

34/43 finishers
teammates - Michael Schaller in 35B's, Chris Daugherty and Darrel Brokeshoulder in 35A's, Joe Fabris in 45A

friendly rivals - (so many folks at this race I probably forgot someone) Mark and Murray, Curt Ferguson, Darryl Smith, Jeremy, Cody and Marcus in the juniors, Gregg in the C's, Alden and Channing in the B's, Cece's better half in 45B's, Eric in singlespeed, Ruben in 35A's. Finally saw Juan Ortiz, haven't seen him since the first race, his back went out during the second and he had to end his season.

I only bothered to bring one bike up, the Litespeed with the 42mm wide Zed front and rear and pumped up the tires to 40 psi again, cause it felt awfully hard and that pinch flat yesterday had to be a fluke, and I did not want to leave a bike unattended in a pit in the city. My legs were still sore from racing yesterday( and for only 30 minutes, too)so I considered not showing up but one of the benefits or drawbacks of preregistering is that one has already invested in the entry fee so it gives one additional motivation to show up and race. I felt better after we started, though.

Cool day, had to keep arm warmers and knee warmers on for the race, and almost needed another layer like a undershirt. Very long course, with lots and lots of singletrack, one set of barriers, one twenty yard long hill that was faster for me to run, loose soil in the corners that got looser as more people rode the course and lots of roots to knock your handlebars out from under you. Started off rubbing shoulders with Curt on one side and someone else on the other side. We all sprinted to the sharp right hand turn at the end of the raised running track so we could come to a complete stop and rush to get the hole shot on the next corner... The stuff that was fast and fun during the warmup was somewhat nerve wracking during the race, never sure if the guy in front of you was going to fall down or what during the technical sections or over a root, and then when they did having to either jump off and run or somehow stay on and manuever around them. It seemed like there were too many places to get stuck behind someone and not enough areas to pass them. On the first long pavement section I was behind Curt who was behind someone else who was getting weaker so I jumped, hoping Curt would come along but he didn't bite. Then after two laps or twenty minutes I blew up (hey, we only raced for about twenty minutes during the track racing nights) had to ease up and cut my losses on the third lap and hola, a guy in my race passed me in the beginning of the fourth and final lap so I had someone to race against again. So I passed him back before the single track and held him off and caught another guy with mechanical issues and a guy who crashed but the guy who crashed made a strong move to pass me in the last single track section and that's where we ended finishing. I didn't see anyone behind me so I eased up on the final straight and Gregg still managed to almost catch me at the end (his group started one minute after us). At least today I made different mistakes in different places each lap.

19 November 2005

Surf City #3, Watsonville 19 November

35+ B's
P:146 average

Teammates: Chris Pearson and Michael Schaller, Dino in 45B, Steve Stewart and Joe Fabris in 45A, Chris Daugherty and Darrel Brokeshoulder in 35A
friendly rivals Mark in 35B, Eric in 45B, Curt in 35B, Jeremy and Joel in the junior Bs, Ruben in 35A

Rode a lap on the 40-12/25 bike and felt overgeared when trying to ride the climbs and switched to the 44/35-12/25 bike with 42mm tires and felt much better but with some tire slippage on the steep bits. Should have let more air out of the tires and adjusted my riding style but went with the 40 psi I put in beforehand.

Arm warmers and knee warmers necessary for the warmup, stripped down to shorts and jersey by race time. Showed up early enough to get in a couple of laps before the race started. Have to remember to not be so stubborn and to not listen to Chris' advice, especially when he is drunk. :) Kept making the same mistake every lap in the same places - trying to ride every hill. During the race I carried too much speed into the hills and hit or came close to hitting someone on each of the two smaller hills and on the second longest hill I fell over while trying to ride up it and on the long run up I rode up it partway then a guy walking swung his bike into my head to force me off and then as I ran past him I managed to get my handlebars entangled in his wheel... And that was just the first lap. On the small hill every time I either rode into or came very close to Curt or someone else. Each time I thought he was going to make but he lost traction at just the wrong time. :( Next race I am going to have to be more flexible and prepared to jump off and run, even if it hurts more. On my second trip up the big run up, Jeremy rode up, making it look easy. On the third time up, I fell down again and Mikey scampered past me. Maybe I should just commit to running it next time... On the last time, the smaller junior from Sacramento that Curt introduced to me passed both Curt and me on that big run up but we had the satisfaction of passing him back on the flats before the finish. I was able to draft off of Curt and pass someone else at the line for a little satisfaction but I think that is the most times I have fallen off of my cross bike in a race. Afterwards my front tire went flat - I had a pinch flat during the race but the Specialized Airlock innertube covered a 4mm long slash to make it a slow leak so it was rideable and I didn't really notice during the race. Then I took the spare bike to watch and cheer on the other racers and got two more flats, both in Specialized Airlock innertubes. The Airlock inner tubes work for quite a few small punctures but I pulled about thirty goathead thorns out of the front tire and eight goathead thorns out of the rear which was too much for them to handle. I was able to inflate the rear but the front was a lost cause. So next time, no riding off of the course for me at Watsonville.

After watching the elite men and women I felt better about falling off as both the elite women and men had riders near the front not cleaning several sections of the course their first time through.

06 November 2005

FIAC National CX Championships, Watsonville

Woke up late, throat was scratchy, bed was warm, outside was freezing but mapquest said it was only fifty one minutes so I had to give it a go.

Teammates: Michael Schaller, someone else in the under 35 B's, Joe Fabris in the 45 A's. Steve Stewart and Chris Daugherty showed up and both decided not to race.
Friendly rivals: Mark from PenVelo, Curt Ferguson and son Jeremy in the juniors.

The course was mostly flat but not totally flat. One uphill runup took me twenty seconds and the bigger runup took about thirty seconds. Two barrier sections on flat parts of the course to force dismounts and one four foot wide set of stairs with eight steps to run up. Showed up an hour early and the laps were so long I only had time to do two slow warmup laps. Did a lap on the bike with the 35mm Ritchey SpeedMax and one lap on the bike with 42mm Ritchey Zed's mounted. At race speed it took me about ten minutes per lap.

Took it easy at the start and was almost last, right where I needed to be!, going in the first 180 and started picking off riders including Mike who went wide at the first 180 and was getting thrown around by the bumpy surface hidden by the grass. Caught some riders at the first barriers shortly after that. Then we went into the chicane in between a few shipping containers where I lost my nerve and had to brake, doh. Then a long grass section, barriers, 180 turn to a gravel rolling section, 180 turn to a gravel downhill, 90 turn on grass to uphill, barriers, twenty second run up, short gravel road to a loop of a rodeo arena on dirt to a short set of stairs!, sweeping left turn, then a sweeping downhill right turn onto grass, then uphill then 180 downhill, then a 90 left to the in and out around the stables to a zig zag until the thirty second runup with a six inch barrier at the bottom, then a longer grass section, 180 left then a last set of barriers, then sixty meters to the finish line. One really wanted to have company on the long flat section around the rodeo track. I was able catch then hang with Curt and the Steelman guy for the most of the first lap, lost them on a 180 downhill turn on gravel, then caught and passed them on the long run up, then they passed me back. The next lap I was able to ride with Curt again, this time for most of the rest of the lap, passing him on the run up. This time the Steelman fellow caught me after I passed the start finish and I could not reel him in, seeing him a short distance ahead. During this lap I thought my front wheel was losing air or something was loose - it was my headset, and this jostled the PowerTap CPU loose so this is why I only had 2.5 laps of the race recorded.

I did really well on the longer uphill runups as I was able to catch and pass folks but that probably killed my legs for a good time duration as it took quite a while to get up to speed after each of them.

30 October 2005

Surf City #2 Soquel

Field: 35+ B

used the 44/34 12-25 bike with the 35mm wide Ritchey Excavaders inflated to 55 front and back. The Excavaders are about 3mm narrower than the 35mm Ritchey Speedmax, apparently Ritchey is measuring from outside knob to outside knob. For the first time this year during a race I used the small ring, at the beginning there was so much traffic that some guys had to stop and I downshifted so I could keep pedaling in the first sandy climb.
Teammates: Mike Schaller, Chris Pearson in the 35+ B's. Scott Dino in the 45+ B's, Chris D and Darrel Brokeshoulder in the 35+ A's, Joe Fabris in the 45+ A's. Friendly rivals : Murray and Mark from Pen Velo, Troy Boone and a bunch of guys I recognized from podiums in past years in 35+ B's, and Antonio Diaz and X-Men Eric Balfus, fellow cat 3 from the track in the C's.

Only got the first ten minutes as the PowerTap CPU flew off on an uphill(only about five vertical feet!) rough section after a long pavement/sidewalk. Started thinking, geez I'm an idiot to use a two hundred dollar bike computer during a cyclocross race, plus, I almost lost it once during a mtb race the same way. Thank goodness it's bright yellow as I saw it two laps later and picked it up after the race was over. Need to remember to use packing tape or something like that to hold that sucker on there tight.
S: 13.5
P: 191
W: 70 kg
I felt really fresh after finishing so I obviously did not push myself hard enough, again. They were still setting up the course after the race was scheduled to start so our start was delayed by ten minutes. The race started with a very short forty meter straightaway - not up to UCI/USCF spec dang it, then a 30 yard long climb in sand to a miniloop of the school, then a few hairpin turns until the graveyard, and a 300 meter pavement section that ended with a curb jump that had a short, 5 inch drop (they delayed the start to add in some planks to eliminate the need to do a jump but a jump would be smoothest here), then a short rise, then the traditional Soquel long off camber left into the tennis courts into the only run up. Ten minutes before start time they put a barrier here. The elevation change was about fifteen feet onto the wide trail parallel to the running track onto the paved section behind the sports field onto the ten foot rise onto the baseball diamond, a big loop around this field, a short fast descent onto the sports field with a hairpin turn into the double barriers then a short climb back to the baseball field level with a short sharp descending corner back to the lower sports field, around the sports field to the start finish. The main technical difficulties were in the transitions from fields at different levels as some of these ascents and descents were also hairpin corners or very off camber. Very fast course considering how little pavement there is. On the last lap Mike Schaller caught me (again!) and I followed him and was going to pass him at the line but the other two guys drafting him almost knocked each other over so I had to delay my move. I thought I didn't pip him but I got credit for being ahead of him in the official results. On the bright side I beat some folks that were ahead of me earlier this year and was closer to Troy timewise. Even though this had much more changes in elevation and less pavement than either of the races at Monster Park in San Francisco, the average speed for me was much greater. I think this is due to the fact that one could actually coast and keep one's speed up pretty high on the most of the course and the rough grass and sand sections were much shorter.

Joe Fabris had a cool GPS gadget that also was a HRM so he could download his races and overlay his progress on a topo map or compare his times and progress to others who did the same course with the GPS.

At one point in the race Eric Balfus (Eric Baijos in the results) came flying past me then came to an abrupt halt, a couple of times withing view of me in front of me. It turns out one of his brake pads on his cantilevers in the rear came loose and lodged itself underneath the rim. He had to stop and disabled his rear brake so he could continue.

23 October 2005

Pilarcitos #2 at Monster Park in San Francisco

35+ B
26th/27 ( I know I saw at least two guys DNF!)
Teammates:none. Darryl and Steve Stewart in the 35+ A's.
Friendly rivals:Murray, Mark of Penvelo, Jeremy Ferguson ( Curt raced the day before and was there for support.) and Blake Anton in the Juniors.

Had a good training week, setting a couple of personal best times on Kings Mountain and OLH.

This week registration opened at the scheduled 8:00. There was a line of ten by 7:r5 when I showed up. By 8:00 there were forty people in line. So if you come to a 9:00 CX race with a big turnout, show up even earlier so you don't have to waste too much time just standing in the registration line.

Similar to first course at Monster Park, mostly flat but hard to get a rhythm as much of the course was ungroomed and bumpy or turned to sand by the race two weeks ago. Switched the Kelly to a single chainring 40 to accomodate the SRM crank. Probably should have ridden this as I used the 44/34 bike and never used the small ring but felt a bit overgeared. After two laps I lost sight of the 35+ B I was following due to some passing C's and really lost concentration - had trouble forcing the pace without a rabbit. Then Blake and Jeremy passed me in quick succession. The power numbers are similar to what I would get for a crit, but I should really be pushing myself harder as there was only one spot where one would get the benefit of drafting. At least I was able to pass or keep up with everyone when I was running but that may be because I saved up too much energy with too much coasting. Unlike the first race at Monster Park I felt pretty fresh after the finish. Next race I will concentrate more on consistent hard pacing which has led to my better climbing. Other things I noted - there was one small whoop de whoop that would have been fastest to ride down - dismount - run up but I have not practiced dismounting on a downhill so I was a total klutz.

NP: 208W
IF: 0.89
AVG: 182W
T: 39:14
S: 12.2

09 October 2005

Sacramento CX - Granite Beach

Some folks in the club were complaining about the commute time, so for the record it took me 2:15 to get there and 2:30 to get back. There is a seven dollar parking fee but I could not figure out how to do this with self service so I skipped this - later in the day the entrance is manned. There were bathrooms as the race flyer was so proud of but the toilet in the one I used functioned as a bidet - it spit water out laterally about three feet. I was going to do the C's at 9:45 and the B race at 12:45 but the C race took me about forty five minutes to complete instead of the scheduled thirty so I got my entry fee's worth in right there. Tried doing a few efforts after finishing the C's and eating and hydrating to see if I could do anything but had nothing left in the legs so decided not to race the B's. I'm kinda glad because the rider that Curt and I refer to as the worst bike handler in NorCal showed up to race the B's on his touring bike.

Category: C
Friendly rivals: Jeremy Ferguson in the Junior B's, Curt Ferguson in the B's, Blake Anton in the Junior A's and the Junior B's. Juan said he was going to show up but apparently bailed.
Results: 12/18 5:18 behind the winner. After racing in the C's, Master B's, Master A's, and the B's, always seem to be about a minute per lap down on the winner. I am nothing if not consistent.
Needed arm warmers in the shade but overheated quickly after doing a hot lap of the course. This temperature held well into the afternoon. It was tricky to find the maximum speed in some of the turns with a lot of sand. Went with the 44/34 bike with the Excavaders at 60PSI. Never used the small ring. The course was about two miles long and mostly flat. It started with four hundred meters of pavement, a slight turn up hill then onto double track with a bottleneck two feet wide made by a couple of thousand pound boulders, then a slight singletrack descent that was very sandy and twisty into doubletrack on an open field that led into the first sand trap of about ten yards length leading to a road with a slight incline for about five hundred meters, then a 180 turn into a single track descent that led into the fifteen meter sand pit, a few twists, then a descent down to the beach and back to the sidewalk surrounding the beach for a long 400 meters or so of very wide sidewalk, then a short double track section into the double barriers and back to the start finish. Lots of running in sand. On the first lap was with everyone else until the twisty descent when I lost my never and let a gap open. This gap got bigger on the first sand pit as I just grinded my way through when it was faster to get off and run. Had trouble motivating myself to push hard when I saw the gap, either that or my ride yesterday killed my legs. Fell a couple times in sandy sections on the first couple of laps and learned to follow the shallow lines in the sandy areas instead of the deep ruts pretty quickly. After that I was mostly solo with a few riders catching me or me catching a rider. This made the race harder than it needed to be as there were several four hundred to six hundred meter sections on the road or a hard running surface that would have been much easier with a wheel to suck. On the last lap I could see a couple of guys that passed me earlier, managed to outrun one guy during the longer sand pit so he must have been really tired, then after the double barriers, had a 30 meter gap behind the other guy. I sprinted with all I had and came up a wheel short (about 13 w/kg), he didn't know I was there until he heard my labored breathing after the finish line... My average and normalized power are pretty dang low. Had trouble motivating myself when I was solo in those long paved/hardpack sections. Need to pace myself with the power meter or something just to make myself go hard enough, and run more instead of grinding slowly in the sand.

P: 148
NP: 177
D: 10.33
S: 13.4
T: 46:something

02 October 2005

Pilarcitos CX #1 at Monster Park in South San Francisco

Category:35+ B
Cast of characters
Teammates: Mike Schaller, David Puglia in 35+ B's. Darrel Brokeshoulder, Matt McNamara, Mark Kurashige in the 35+ A's. Friendly rivals Curt Ferguson, Juan Ortiz, Mark from EMC, Mark and Murray Swanson(?) from PenVelo in 35+ B's, Jeremy Ferguson, Joel Shaffer in the Juniors, Keith, Antonio, Channing and Gregg Machaz in the C's.

Was sick since Santa Cruz Crit so didn't ride much or was "well rested" coming into this race. Course was flat. Two sets of barriers. Pilarcitos up'ed the race time from last years' thirty minutes to forty minutes this year. Juan said he had been standing for the past two days at Interbike and hadn't ridden in while. I got there early and this year Pilarcitos opened registration early so the thirty minute line of last year was not repeated, thank goodness. Got in two easy laps and two hot laps of the course, the main difficulty was there were two very big holes that could knock you off your bike if you were unaware of their presence ( this eliminated Mark from PenVelo as he was solo in the lead on the first lap and hit one of them and broke off one of his STI levers in the ensuing carnage), a couple of turns on loose stuff that had a very high entry speed and a five foot hill after the second set of barriers and two five foot hills separated by about ten feet of riding including a 135 degree turn. About twenty feet of elevation change per lap so my kind of course. Chose to use the slightly higher geared 44/34 12/25 bike with 60 PSI in the Ritchey Excavaders. Juan was on the front for the start, invited me up there but I didn't think it would matter that much but I was wrong as the course was too narrow by modern standards and did not permit passing very easily in many spots. Mike got to the start late and was in the back row behind about forty guys. Did not see Juan again after the first lap, he finished up two minutes ahead of me. Mike was behind me until the next to last lap when I let a fellow knock me over in one of the many narrow sections of the course. I almost caught up to Mike at the end, 2 seconds back, but ran out of room, waited too long to try to catch up. I thought I was suffering pretty badly after the first lap and pretty much each lap afterwards was hoping to hear a lap countdown while passing through the start finish. When we got it, I was expecting the bell but heard three laps to go. For whatever reason I was doing better in the off road sections that many of the other people around me but they put the hurt on me in the long pavement section, which was the opposite of what I was expecting given my tire pressures - perhaps the tread is better for loose stuff? The course deteriorated and turned to a very sandy loam in many spots, I fell once on my own in each of the last two laps. I felt better about this when I watched the Master A's race and many of them fell at various points during their race. Channing (I think) caught me after just five minutes even though he staged 30 seconds back, and young Jeremy caught me after 18 minutes after spotting me one minute. Ran into Mark Kurashige at the end of my race. He had left his shoes and helmet at home (I like to bring two pairs of shoes to each race for some reason) and raced back home to get them and missed our 35+ B start and chose to race the 35+ A race with three different national champions instead.

The average and normalized power were both much lower than I expected as I know I can do much more than that, even accounting for the fact that the running is not included in the power data. I hope it's just the aftereffects of the cold/flu as I felt I was pushing as much as I could. And my quads and hamstrings felt a little sore afterwards, I thought this was pretty unusual as there were only two dismounts per lap for a total of fourteen x five yards of running, and my legs never get sore even after really hard bike rides. Some of the fast guys I saw were running the two hill junction and were running farther after the first set of barriers but this may have been due to the course deteriorating under the load of hundreds of guys doing lap after lap. On the plus side no mechanical issues for me as I saw plenty of others quit due to mechanicals which was somewhat surprising on a flat, nontechnical course.

M: 70 kg ( got down to 68 last week but then got sick so may stick around here for a while...)
T: 45:24
P: 178
S: 12.4
D: 9.34 miles
NP: 200
IF: .83

20 September 2005

Power for cyclocross

Since I can retire my criterium bike for five months I put a spare PowerTap wiring harness on one of my cyclocross bikes and put a cross tire on a road wheel(no longer needed just for crits). Now I get a record of what happens during a cyclocross race. Wonder how to estimate the demands of the running sections...

I did not feel like making another stem mount out of carbon fiber so I got a worn out inner tube and cut a little piece off and made my own doohickey to mount the PowerTap CPU on the stem. I could have mounted the CPU to the handlebars but that takes up a bit more space and putting it on the stem does not hypothetically put it in the way as I am not long limbed enough to do the carry the bike with a hand over the stem move comfortably.

18 September 2005

18 September 2005 Santa Cruz Crit 35+ 4/5

40+ riders/DNF
Used the steel crit bike with 53/39 12/25. Probably could have used the compact gearing bike and kept it in the big ring all day with the same result. Maybe next year. Turnout was about the same or a little higher than last year. This year the event was moved from the typical right after Sea Otter date because they repaved the climb. This made it possible to go coast quite a ways up hill.

Cool conditions, needed arm warmers and knee warmers, and head gear.
peak flow 475
Teammates: Gene Ragan, Chris Pearson, Bob Skubis, with Mark Davis, Thomas Oelsner in the 3's. Phil Mehlitz and Abe Gore in the 4's, both fresh from the Mount Tam race yesterday.

Didn't feel that great during my warmup up and this continued in the race. Right before the start, got my front tire stuck in a crack in a sidewalk and almost did a face plant onto a picket fence, saved myself with an outreached arm but the bicep on that arm is still sore some twelve hours later... Got dropped at four laps and pulled at seven. At least I was with the group for one more lap this year, using Eric Bustos' recommendation of small ring up the hill may have helped, but since the field was larger this year they pulled dropped riders. Top graph is of this years' race and bottom graph is last years' race, about the same effort, for much less time this year, didn't have anyone behind to work with (or a rabbit like Juan just in front of me) to motivate me this year, was already looking forward to cross season, too. :)
NP: 264
P avg: 206

NP: 277
P avg: 220
T: 26:18
Chris hung in for a bit longer than me and thought the start was outrageously hard, this was partially due to Gene on the front pushing the pace for four laps but he got dropped with four to go. Bob hung out in the top few riders for ten laps and then said he had nothing left but was able to finish in the pack. Went for a ride afterwards down West Cliff Drive and to the blue whale and grey whale skeleton exhibits at the UC Santa Cruz extension and back.

05 September 2005

Giro di San Francisco

35+ 4/5

P: 189 Watts average
S: 24.9 miles per hour average
T: 43:51
C: 84 rpm average
NP: 238 Watts
TSS: 71
IF: .99
Used the 22 pound road bike with the Hed 60 in front and the velocity deep rim in the back, did better than last year with the 18 pound road bike.

Giro de San Francisco
35+ 4/5
teammates: Rob Jensen, Chris Tanner, Gene Ragan
friendly rivals: Juan Ortiz, Eric Peterson, Ray Alvarez, Derrick from PV.

Chris asked if I was going on the attack on the first lap so I told him I would hold back a little and follow the Berkeley guy who always attacks on the first lap.
This is what happened but the Berkeley guy went a bit harder than I wanted to go so I just followed the fellow in the yellowish jersey until we caught the Berkeley guy. Stayed near the front for a few laps then drifted back. I could hear Ray letting me know he was behind me so I wouldn't cut him off in the corners so I slowed a bit to let him in front of me as I was not feeling great. After a bit I could see Juan and Ray way up near the front, this motivated me to endure a bit more suffering as I did not want to get dropped as I did last year in my first time on the new course. Tried to conserve as much as possible, shifting down on the small hill, but using the 53 only. Many people lost a lot of momentum here and on the last two downhill corners where it was possible to ride without braking when no one was in front of you or if you just rode right next to the riders in front of you coming out of the corners. When we got to eight laps to go I was feeling a bit of relief as I knew I could finish, now just had to move up for a better result as I looked behind me and realized I was the tail gunner. Made it up to Juan when inexplicably a chain reaction crash happened on the downhill straightaway, near where the trash bin made the road narrow from 30 yards to *only* 25 yards and falling cyclists (unfortunately including Derrick and Eric, later reports indicate four broken collarbones in there) soon filled the entire width of the road... Then behind me I heard another crash, probably someone not looking up and crashing right into someone who was braking. As soon as we cleared the carnage Juan put the hammer down in an effort to close the gap between us caught behind the crash and those ahead of the crash so I gritted my teeth and got on his wheel. After two really hard laps (Juan doing most of the work) we made it back in time to rest for a lap and sprint on the next lap. On the first turn onto the uphill Juan got onto the wheel of a couple of guys who I noted were slowing significantly near the top of the climb on previous laps so I jumped to the outside of these guys and put in a hard effort to distance myself for the downhill straight and the last two fast downhill corners. Had to brake slightly in the next to last corner for some nervous nellies and just did what I could out of the last corner to beat Juan in the race within the race. I thought I had more left and was only able to get about 14 w/kg in the sprint, the NP indicates this was about as hard as I could go for the duration of the race.

02 September 2005

2 September 2005 Friday night racing

500 peak flow
teammates : Paul Mircik, Vance Sprock in the 3/masters, Jim Ryan in the P12 and Claire in the juniors.
Changed up the warmup again and did a longish Z4-Z5 effort and one big sprint which turned out to be my hardest effort of the night as the group was so big the only time to get a hard effort in was to be near the front and I was not aware I was near the front at the end the one time I was there.

18 riders in cat 3/masters
10 lap point a lap
This felt pretty easy as I just followed wheels around until the wheel I was following got gapped and I had to chase back on to catch the group just as they were sprinting for the last couple of points, several riders would go off for a few laps to get a few points and we would catch them and the last time I wasn't sure if the four riders I caught were the top four or the third through sixth because I had to chase back on but it turned out they were sprinting for the final 3-2-1 points and I just missed out.
T: 5:12
P: 277
S: 28.6
C: 110

8 lap scratch
This played out like the point a lap, I followed wheels until the rider I was following got gapped, I passed, caught the group just as they were winding it up for the sprint with two to go and hung on.
T: 3:36
P: 313
S: 27.0
C: 104

Miss and out
This felt really easy as I only tried hard at the very beginning and got boxed in immediately. Started fighting for position in the pole with another rider until he spoke out - sorry Vance!, then just got in behind him, third in the pole. This was going to be safe for a little while, but would have to pay attention to who was behind me. Kind of sketchy with so many riders so I had to focus on who was in front of me too much and when I ended up at the back missed the opportunity to get out of the pole and was eliminated after about six laps, feeling ridiculously fresh.
T: 3:00
P: 223
S: 25.0
C: 92

7 lap to win and out
Peter Tapscott attacked immediately but Dick jumped right on him and I didn't want to concede the race right away and jumped to catch up to them. We caught them and after they pulled up I led for a lap and pulled up and Vance got in the rotation in front of me got dropped but was going hard enough to make it hard to pass him so I followed him for a few laps and we got to witness John pull his foot out of the pedal and do a somewhat gentle solo tumble and I could sense Vance giving up at this point (understandably) with us about 30 meters back and two laps to go, watched the race play out from behind.
T: 5:11
P: 308
S: 26
C: 100

26 August 2005

26 August 2005 Friday Night racing

Weight:69 kg
Peak flow:500
Tried a bit different warmup with more hard jumps and less Z5 type efforts. Was able to more consistently sprint really hard during the races. Maybe add in one Z5 effort next time to the sprints.
Teammates: Paul Mircik, Steve McFarland, Vance Sprock in the 3's, Claire in the juniors. Rode my bike once this week so would see if lots of rest helped my performance. Results indicate training is better than not training. :)

12 lap scratch
Was going to try the rolling off front trick but someone (Dave Keefe?) beat me to it so I just got on his wheel ( I thought I went easy but it took a 13 watt/kg sprint ) so we were off the front for 2 laps or so.) Then the pack went slowly around until four laps to go where I don't remember what happened but I think I was gapped even after putting a 15 watt/kg jump into closing the gap but the pack was pretty spread out around the track and I finished at least a quarter lap behind the winners.
t: 6:02
P: 272
S: 26.0
C: 99

6 lap to win and out
I led out the start and attacked and saw everyone on my wheel so I gave up after a lap. At this point Peter almost took me out as he led after me for about 2 seconds then pulled up from the sprinters lane to the stayers line as he looked over his left shoulder and veered right as I kept looking back to make sure I had room to avoid hitting him without crashing the rest of the pack... Then Elliot attacked and I had to squeeze in at the rail and pass most of the pack and alert everyone else I was jumping but I managed to do another 15watt/kg jump and had a gap and was already thinking maybe I could get second or first out of this. Then I hear the announcer saying person X is bringing up the pack and the 10 meters between me and Elliot isn't worth closing so I pull up and let the pack pull him back. Not sure why this person's goal was doing that because with the time left in the race, he was not going to recover to contest for a win and he had no teammates he was working with either. Got gapped with two to go and wasn't sure if Elliot just ahead of me was trying to block for his teammates ahead or just blown but the rider behind me encouraged me to keep going so I put in a jumped that dropped everyone behind me but I blew pretty hard before I closed the gap and the other riders caught back on and I rolled across the line way back.
T: 4:08
P: 317
S: 26.6
C: 102

Miss and out
I started at the back of the line and worked my way through all the riders to the front. This was pretty easy because everyone else stayed high on the banking except for Dick in the sprinters' lane but there was plenty of room above him. In turn four several of us were ramping up the speed but I really wanted to lead out the first lap or two so I was not pulled first so I put in a big sprint (at least for me, 7w/kg for 60 seconds) and opened a slight gap. After a lap and a half someone passed me and somehow I managed to survive five more laps in the sprinters' lane behind three other riders.
T: 2:37
P: 350
S: 27.4
C: 105

20 laps points race
Was just following wheels when with after five laps a gap opened in front of the riders in front of me. I was boxed in so could not pass for half a lap. Put in what felt like a monster effort to catch back ( was only 9watts/kg for 15 seconds) on from half a lap back but the attacks kept coming and got dropped at the ten laps to go point. Held off the pack for the next nine laps and was only lapped by Paul on the last lap.

T: 10:01
P: 266
S: 24.2
C: 93

18 August 2005

18 August 2005 Friday Night Racing

70 kg
peak flow 525
teammates: Paul Mircik, Jun Aishima, Vance Sprock in the 3's/masters, Claire Sprock in the junior division

12 lap scratch 5/11
Took a few turns at the front to keep the pace high and with two to go was thinking of attacking when Jun took off. Then waited at the front for someone to attack and John went and I got on his wheel. He lasted a really long time but faded and Dick went with 3/4 of a lap and probably should have gone with him but did not want to risk bringing anybody with me so waited until mid turn three, looked between my legs and saw someone behind me and jumped around John to take fifth.

T: 6:31
P: 269
S: 24.9
C: 96
6 lap to win and out 6/12
Kim LaFleur put in a jump from the pole at the whistle and I just got on her wheel and followed for two laps, then I pulled for a lap when she pulled up. Paul and John and one went hard with two to go and strung the rest of us out, I got gapped and watched the sprint for 2nd from about 50 meters back and followed Kelly until turn three/four and jumped to try to catch fifth but ran out of room.
T: 4:00
P: 332
S: 26.7
C: 103
miss and out - first rider out, doh, need to move out of sprinters lane when in there behind someone ... Just feels so easy following someone sometimes and was blocked from my initial plan of attacking at the gun. I was called out first but did not hear my name as I was concentrating so hard on not crashing into the riders in front and next to me as I sprinted. This made the race one lap longer than it needed to be for the rest of the guys.

The flying 200 meter time trials made the race night run a bit long so our much anticipated 30 lap points race got cancelled. :( If I had known that was going to happen I would have tried to get in the P12 50 lap points race!

13 August 2005

Track Districts - Masters 3K Individual Pursuit and Masters Points Race

Teammates: Jun Aishima - not racing but helping hold riders, do lap cards and starter duties on the backstretch. I encouraged him to try the 30-34 masters points race later in the day but he said he was not feeling very fast. If I let a little thing like that stop me, I would never race. :) And if he had raced, the minimum he would have gotten is a silver medal!

My preparation for today was skipping lunch yesterday, one margarita, one cosmopolitan( hello Sex and the City ), one glass of wine with dinner, and an after meal apertif of a *trainwreck*, vodka filtered through lychee and pineapples. Then I felt ready to race. Thank you, newly forty year old teammate Jeff and POSSLQ Diane!

Most of the women's fields consisted of zero to three riders. This meant they all medaled. I'm not complaining as I got a couple of medals last year when only one other rider showed up for the 35-39 match sprint and two other riders showed up for the 35-39 points race. This year we had four riders for the former and six for the latter. Attendance is spotty at track districts from year to year so sometimes the field may be competitive or sometimes no one bothers to show up, but ladies missed some golden opportunities to win medals or championships.

peak flow 520
very windy in the morning, calm by afternoon

H3 front and rear
LG Rocket aero helmet

3K individual pursuit 35-39.
I signed in at 9 AM and prepared myself for a lot of miles on the trainer to warmup. There were a lot of heats so I did not do my heat until 11:30 AM. I got to ride with Tom Fahey on the back side so it would be a contest to see how long I could hold him off. This turned out to be five laps. Started wheezing with three laps to go but just pedaled through it and coughed for about an hour afterward. Should have pushed harder into the headwind on the backstretch and in turn three and four and floated with the tailwind. This power output matches some of my efforts during mass start track races but should be able to do better for a one off event like this. Next year. My speed dropped to the average at the 1:20 mark and steadily dropped afterwards. I can do a faster start but not sure if it may be better to do a slower start and have more in reserve to bring up the later lap times. (edit: several people have recommended that I start much easier and the maximum speed one should reach should be the average speed one wishes to have for the entire distance.) The way the SRM measures data requires a complete pedal revolution so this means the first bit of power data is missing but the speed and cadence are recorded.

T: 4:24 - A new personal best (I did this once before and blew up even worse)
P: 325
S: 25.4
C: 97

I went out to get a burrito at a dive called Gabby's that Matt Martinez recommended on Senter near Hellyer, greasy but filling and less than six dollars for a burrito. I held riders for the Team Pursuits and got good advice from Harvey Nitz, Mike Hardaway and Leo Menostrina on improving my technique for holding for standing starts.

Masters Championship Points race, 60 laps,sprints every six
H3 front and rear clinchers
165 crankarms
This race started at about 3:30 PM. A slow speed crash in the 50 and over/combined women points race near the end preceding this race made for a short interruption in activities. Joseph Fineman and another rider went down but neither were hurt seriously and both walked away and I did not see any road rash. Six riders in the 35-39 group combined with all riders under 50 for a total of about twelve riders. I went with a few early moves and did not have the snap to move with the surges of the pack. So I ended up getting lapped three times eventually and just taking pace from other riders as a lapped rider is not able to pull for riders that are not on the same lap. Power output was pretty low, especially relative to 100 lap points races earlier this year, may have been fatigue or the heat but most of the other guys had also done the pursuit in the morning. Nobody showed up for the 45-49 age group race and only Elliot Logan showed up for the 30-34 group race.
60 lap points race
T: 29:55
P: 226
S: 24.4
C: 94

Track Districts - Master Kilo TT and Master Match Sprints

Teammates : Kevin Worley Rob Jensen and Chris Tanner in different age groups.
peak flow:550
70 kg
Very cool and overcast at 9:00 AM when I got to the track, 90's by the end of the day when I locked the gates at 4:00 PM. The racing started at 10:00 AM and there were already thirty cars in the parking lot as many riders decided to get a long warmup and prime parking spots. Windy at start of day, winds died down as day wore on. One thing I noticed right away is that almost no one that was here today was here racing twelve hours earlier on Friday night except me, Elliot Logan ( who had to leave early on Friday ) and Steve Pelaez. I suppose if this was a priority for me, I would have rested on Friday instead of racing but I'd rather race at the track than rest. Steve Pelaez showed up just in time to register and I loaned him my H3 backup wheel for his two Kilo TT's. He got second in the Elites and first in the 30-34 so I would like to take a little credit for that. :)
Thirty six miles on the fixed gear in six hours at the track.

About 11:30 AM
Kilometer TT:
H3 front, Velocity Deep rear 50x15, 170mm crank arms, broke out the aero Louis Garneau helmet I got from Cupertino bike. Used dedicated pursuit bike for this with dedicated aerobars, first time I have done that on the track. Flatted the rear disk two minutes before start, had to change cogs and wheels (note to self, leave a racing cog on the training/backup wheel just in case) forgot to move SRM rear sensor when I changed wheels, so no SRM data! I was riding the trainer to warmup but was getting really bored, so I decided to take a few easy laps on the rough apron. I managed to get a cut in my tubular in the last 100 meters that made a 2mm cut in the center of the tread. I only use the wheel three or four times a year and I managed to get a flat and can't use this tomorrow as I don't want to ride a tire with glue only twelve hours dry. This is why I love tubulars... So I removed the disk, removed the 15 cog from the disk, removed the lockring and 16 cog from my training wheel, seated the 15 cog on my training wheel, then seated the lockring and tightened the rear wheel so no slippage there and rezeroed the SRM, but neglected to see if the wheel speed pickup was correctly adjusted. I have my SRM set to autostart if speed and cadence are nonzero so I had cadence but no speed. The main downside of using a rear speed pickup on a track bike - have to make sure the magnet is in the same place on each wheel and use the same gearing all the time or have to move the rear speed pickup.

Slowest kilo ever, but one official told me I had a very fast first lap (maybe it was the fast looking equipment) and really slow last lap. 1:24 and change. Started wheezing in turn three of lap two and lost my concentration, should have just forced myself to push hard.
Previously have done 1:23.something, 1:22.51, and 1:20( with a 38 500 start at ADT)

After watching the rest of the kilos and skipping lunch we went into the Masters Match Sprint Tournament with every rider doing a Flying 200 Meter Time Trial to seed the heats. No women signed up so it was all boys for the rest of the day. This started at around 12:30PM

Flying 200 Meter Time Trial
H3 front and rear clinchers
165 crank arms
It started getting really hot and Rob and Chris offered to share their shade with me. Thanks guys. Plus I got to hear their take on the different sprints and how to do the flying 200.
I got a personal best time, previous best was 13.80. I thought I started a bit late in turn two and Rob Jenson confirmed this and advised me to start sooner. So next time I have to step on the gas mid turn one or sooner and see what happens. It's encouraging to know that I have plenty of room to improve here just by changing the timing and technique a little bit - and several of my efforts in the match sprints were 33% higher than my effort in this flying 200. I watched Don Langley (masters world record holder and today's fastest rider) and he took the whole backstretch to dive from turn two at the rail to turn three in the lane en route to an 11.7.
200 Meter Time: 13.55
T: 26.0
P: 643
S: 30.1
C: 115

Four of us in the 35-39 match sprints. I was seeded third so I faced second seed Pritpal Singh. Heat one I had to lead out the first half lap. I forgot what happened for the next lap. At this point in lap two, Pritpal had jumped and I was on his wheel but it seemed he was going very slow. He was razoring me and I probably should have drafted longer but by the middle of turn three I jumped out from behind him and gave him about four feet as I wanted to be out of reach of Captain Hook. Unfortunately for me he turned it on at that point and we had a drag race to the end without any change in distance between me and him - my front wheel even with his rear wheel. Maxed out at 34.5, eased up at the end when I ran out of room to overtake him.
T: 22.5
P: 726
S: 30.8
C: 118

Heat 2 versus Pritpal. This time Pritpal lead out the whole way. This time I jumped early in turn four on lap one. He told me I had three bike lengths on him until turn four of lap two and I must have died or he really turned on the gas to pass me. If I had done this effort in the 200 I would have gotten a much better time... Only maxed out at 33.5 and slowed to 32.3 by the line.
T: 27.5
P: 788
S: 31.1
C: 119

Now I got to race against Keith Rabbin for 3rd and 4th. Our 200 meter times were pretty close. I led out Keith for half a lap then I forced him to pass me. I watched him as we were riding slowly and waited until he looked forward in the last lap and jumped in between turns one and tow but he managed to nip me at the line by a few inches. Maxed out at 34.5 again.
T: 19.5
P: 869
S: 30.1
C: 114

Heat two versus Keith, he led me out initially. This time we rode slowly until the last lap and he jumped first in about the same place and I got on his wheel. In between turns three and four I stood up to accelerate and for some reason he started moving out of the lane so I had to slow a bit but I wanted to pass him then he continued drifting all the way to the stayers line so I had to give up at that point because I wasn't sure where he was going to stop so Keith got relegated and we got to do a third match sprint. Looking at the data, I'm sad he drifted up track cause I have my fastest recorded data so far on the track at 35.4 mph before I had to slow down.
T: 18.5
P: 838
S: 31.7
C: 120

Keith led out, then at the halfway lap point I passed him and worked on pinning him to the wall. This time we went very slowly until turn two of the last lap and
we drag raced from 150 meters out, his initial jump was better than mine and I held back way too much. He was able to get to the lane before me and pulled out and I stayed in the lane and was able to pull even with his seat but ran out of room. What's really interesting is I got to 35.1 mph and we only sprinted for a very short time.
T: 16.5
P: 873
S: 31.6
C: 120

12 August 2005

12 August 2005 Friday night racing

Haven't ridden much this week so it's a taper! Teammates: Paul Mircik in the 3's, Jim Ryan in the P12's. Only one master and one woman showed up so they folded them in with the 3's, this meant a much shorter rest some times between races. I tried to be a bit conservative and follow moves this time and it was boring just responding to attacks. So next week back to Woo mode and attack, attack, and attack..

peak flow 550
70 kg
8 lap to win and out
Tried to roll off the front again at the start but no one was having any of that so I pulled up after a lap and half and George Meilahn attacked and I got on his wheel. He pulled up after about a lap when he saw the rest of us and after a short pause he attacked again, this time I let the pack catch him but left me in bad position for the rest of the race as the stronger riders rode up the track.
6th of 10?
T: 4:59
P: 300
S: 26.4
C: 101

They did the kids race after the win and out then we had to do this immediately after the kids finished.
This became a race of attrition and only six of us finished with the three strongest riders, Brian Peterson, Paul Mircik and Eric Balfus taking two laps! out of me. I rode solo for most of the race as did George and Emily ahead of me.
25 lap points race
6th of 10
T: 11:06
P: 249
S: 24.8
C: 95

Same as last week - Eric went hard in the pole and I used the banking to get ahead of him. I led it out for two laps and mistakenly thought Eric out of the pole was trying to crowd me out of the lane and I responded by going as far as I thought legal towards the sprinters line but he said I went out of the lane - doh, my bad. So I backed off after he said that and I unfortunately was too nice as this let two other riders ahead of me in the lane. Afterwards he said he was just trying to ride my hip to hold off the other riders. One second of lost concentration sure does hurt in this race. So only eliminated two riders before I was out.
Miss and out
7 of 9
T: 1:34
P: 392
S: 27.9
C: 107

15lap scratch
Five lead riders eventually gapped Emily and I. She was able to help a bit and we were able to catch them three times and get dropped by them three times. The fourth time we were catching them it was two to go, and I wanted to attack but I was so worn out I could barely manage a paltry jump at the 1 3/4 lap to go mark.
6 of 8
T: 7:29
P: 294
S: 25.4
C: 97

They held the Elite women's points championship race. Only one woman showed up so they started the race and she got on the start line and automatically won.

Elite points race champs for fun
Stayed safely off the back and could not keep up when the pack speed reached 31 mph so I just dropped out.

T: 2:13
P: 275
S: 26.4
C: 99

07 August 2005

Timpani Crit 35+ 4/5

70 kg
Peak flow 450
Windy and very hot
Worked beforehand as course marshal and had to skip lunch and get straight on the bike to warm up.
Teammates: Thomas Oelsner, Chris Pearson, Rob Jensen, Jeff Vadasz, Gene Regan, Chris Tanner
Friendly rivals: Raymund Alvarez, Eric Peterson (not the promoter/official!), Juan Ortiz

Followed an attack at the start of the race, stayed out there for five minutes or two and half laps with six other guys. The McGuire guy was really strong but not very good at pacelining, when my turn came up he insisted on riding so hard that I could not pass him. The next time, he cut me off in one of the corners and then someone had to nerve to ask why I was not pulling... Up to this point the race was like a mini track race for me: T:5:25 P:255, C:95. Eased up and latched on the back of the group, we caught them shortly afterwards. Struggled to hang onto the back of the pack. Eventually saw Dean Haraguchi and Keith Rabbin from the track and then Juan Ortiz passed me. I thought about quitting but then I did not want to have my winning streak against Juan broken. With two or three to go I was planning on passing a particularly slow cornering guy who had a broken spoke on his rear wheel on turn two when he braked even more than the previous time and I missed his rear wheel by about two inches - this brought an exclamation from someone behind me - sorry! I saw Eric Peterson jump off the front with about two to go but he got caught but still finished in the top twenty. On the last lap I was about forty riders back from the front. There was one point between turns 2 and 3 there was an opening on the outside to move up but after I stuck my nose in the wind I hesitated. Probably should have just gone for it then just for the heck of it. In the final sprint was doing well but could still see about twenty riders ahead of me and a rider was drifting into my line so I gave up about thirty yards short of the line. At least Juan motivated me to go hard in the last lap, but I thought he was ahead of me and it turned out to be his teammate.

Looking at the chart, the speed when we were off the front versus the speed in the pack afterwards isn't much different.

NP 211
TSS 54
IF .90
Pavg 183
Pmax 921
VMax 35.5
PAvg 26.3
C Avg 80

05 August 2005

5 August 2005 Friday Night breaking away

H3 clincher
450 peak flow
70 kg
Changed warm up a bit to put in a hard effort, also recorded it. Felt good the first race but such a short rest after the second felt bad during the start of the second. Teammates - Jim Ryan in the P12, Kevin Worley in the Match Sprint and Olympic Sprint, and Paul Mircik and Steve McFarland in the 3's.

12 Lap Scratch
T: 5:47
P: 297
S: 26.4
C: 101
Set the pace early, no one seemed interested in working when I pulled up after two laps so I attacked from the front and after being chased down again I kept the pace up and finally Elliot attacked and when I saw none of my teammates going, I went after him, but the initial jump was not hard enough to shake anybody but it cut his lead down in half. Now I just rotated to the back of the group and could not keep up with the last surge.

8 Lap to Win and out
T: 5:14
P: 290
S: 25.9
C: 99
Started off slowly and the speed ramped up for four laps. I felt we had eased up a tiny bit and was about to attack when the X-men rider attacked. I jumped anyways but did not make a dent in his lead so pulled up after a lap. I got back into fifth position where I potentially could place. Paul was able to put in a nice attack to nab second. Steve McFarland was duking it out with Pritpal for third then pulled up and looked like he was giving up so I yelled at him to get on my wheel. I think we finished fourth and fifth.

20 Lap points race, sprint every five
T: 9:51
P: 276
S: 25.8
C: 99
Got gapped after four, Marc Franklin took a monster pull and almost brought us back. At this point I felt bad about attacking and closing the gap solo but after pulling the chase group for a lap, one rider attacked me and got up there barely. I gave up after that but Marc and a group of five others caught me and we worked together just to stay even on laps with the lead group.

Miss and out, 13 riders
T: 2:31
P: 344
S: 27.6
C: 105
Decided just to attack at the gun, see what happened. The X-Men rider had the same plan but he was in the sprinters' lane and I was up track so I was able to use the banking to aid me in passing him. After two laps the X-Men rider came into the lane above me and while I was trying to figure out what the heck he was doing Pritpal managed to hook me and drive me into the blue band, next time I am just going to hold my ground. ( I have a new nickname for him, Captain Hook.:) ) This made me lose my concentration and I said a bad word but Paul was behind me and counseled me to keep on going and I didn't want to make Paul get gapped so I pushed on and we dropped two more riders and I heard the sound of rubber on concrete as someone was accelerating past and it was Paul. I think I was the seventh rider eliminated as I could not motivate myself to get up sprint.

Got to help judge the championship scratch race. Pack of about thirty riders, a few breakaways, one almost lapped the field but the teammate of one of the breakaways brought them back! Don Langley made a late bid with less than fifteen laps to go. With three to go Giovanni Rey attacked out of the group and won with room to spare with James Hibbard and Larry Nolan coming in for the other medals.

31 July 2005

Ed Steffani Memorial

velocity deep front and back
peak flow 525
pretty hot and no allergy symptoms so I skipped the inhaler
temperature in the shade 94
temperature on the track 105
Position of the speed sensor in the rear is optimized for the 50x15 gearing, should have moved it but forgot, so a few dropouts in data for speed.

mixed field of about twelve riders

flying one lap

For some reason I can go harder with other riders in front of me on the track, only 5s peaked at about 875 here and went to about 975 in the 3 lap scratch. Either that or I need to sprint once during my ten minute warmup.

duration of effort, not the one lap
T: 35.5
P: 595
S: 29.3
C: 121

elite 3 three lap scratch
Went for it at the 200 meter line with one lap to go, made a newbie mistake and pulled up on turn four on the last lap when looking back and Scott King scooted by easily underneath. Did not count the first lap or so when the three of us played the match sprint game.
T: 1:00
P: 465
S: 26.6
C: 110

10 lap something - got dropped and lapped I think
T: 5:13
P: 221
S: 22.7
C: 93

10 lap point a lap - masters, this was only four of us and the first two sprints, Scott King went on a short break of about twenty meters while the rest of us geezers looked at each other. He pulled up and I went tempo underneath. I thought I had it easily but then Scott started ramping it up on my right shoulder so I had to give a really good effort, then figured I'd already spent myself, might as well continue. On the next lap Scott surprised me by coming underneath on the blue band, I guess he may have boxed himself in, not sure. Then he wanted to continue but that first sprint killed me as I just tried to draft the rest of the race.
T: 4:54
P: 248
S: 24.2
C: 100

15 lap points race, Steve jumped out on the first lap and George, Richard and I looked at each other. Steve got within about 20 meters but could not close the gap to get the lap. George and Richard worked together to chase him down and leave him hanging out there while I barely hung on, finally George put in a hard effort and dropped Richard and I. George caught Steve on the last lap but Steve won every sprint before that so it did not matter.
T: 7:37
P: 221
S: 24.0
C: 99

6 lap something - unknown distance, Jun was out front about 50 meters ahead when the bell rang for the group so he won easily. Steve McFarland and I both jumped as we approached the 200 meter line and Steve nipped me at the finish line.
T: 2:40
P: 277
S: 23.7
C: 99

Miss and out 4th, played the devil while Jun and Steve set tempo on the front.
T: 3:08
P: 261
S: 24.3
C: 102

10 lap handicap, got in handicap group, had nothing left after three laps so dropped out of group and just finished.
T: 5:37
P: 232
S: 22.5
C: 92

Australian Pursuit
George Meilahn was about three poles behind me and Brian was in front of me. I did not want to assist George too much so when he caught me I tried accelerating with what I had left a few times and he got tired of that and passed me. :)
T: 1:31
P: 279
S: 23.3
C: 96

29 July 2005

29 July Friday Night Racing

Elite 3
Peak flow 525
71 kg
Hed 3 clincher front and rear

Heart rate strap broke right when I attempted to put it on so no HR data.
Teammates - Paul Mircik, Ben Dodge, Steve McFarland, plus Vance Sprock in the 40+ and Matt Mosby in the P12's. Strongmen AJ Medonca and Douglas Northcutt upgraded to the P12 group so would be interesting to see what the dynamic of the group would be. Pritpal Singh raced with the A's last year but did not have enough points to upgrade to 2 and slummed with us in the 3's for tonight. He said he was using 49x15 which I thought was amazing because he puts in these really hard attacks that are difficult to follow. He thought I should go lower as well. Maybe next time... Funny enough Keith Rabbin was using 49x15 and switched to 50x15 after a couple of races because he felt he couldn't keep up when the group went really hard for the final sprint.

12 lap scratch
Group was going slow from the gun so tried to slowly ramp up the speed in the sprinters' lane underneath the group. Looked behind and had a small gap and punched it but tried not to blow up after the jump. After five laps, I could hear some riders behind me, wasn't sure if it was the whole group or not so for some reason managed to razor them for a lap. It was Dave Keefe and Brad Goodson and they had bridged without bringing any one else. I pulled up and Brad punched it and gapped us. At this point I was feeling the effort and when I pulled up and Dave went hard to catch his teammate I didn't think I could make it up, plus I figured the group would reel in two teammates. This happened during the last lap and I finished with the group.
T: 6:04
P: 272
S: 25.0
C: 96

6 lap to win and out
T: 3:05
P: 332
S: 26.1
C: 99.8
I knew the race would only take about three minutes (six laps times 30 seconds) so I thought I could go hard from the gun and if they let me stay out there the same amount of time as the first race it might work. I again eased up to the front via the sprinter's lane (since most guys wanted to go high and try to use the banking to accelerate when someone attacked) and went hard after we got the whistle to start racing. I managed three laps solo and had about a third of a lap lead when I could see someone bridging up, George Meilahn. We worked together till the end and got up to half a lap lead, I led out the last lap and didn't really sprint but neither did George so I got first and George got second by a good 75 meters and he had time to celebrate! My teammates said they did not really block but they also did not chase and no one else was interested in chasing.

Miss and out
T: 1:05
P: 359
S: 24.1
C: 92.3
After a long break was going to try to be the devil but ran out of room on the first lap. Doh. Paul led the group out for seven laps and was the sixth person to last person eliminated so he didn't get any points for his effort. He did win the overall for the night so that was good.

20 lap points race every 5 laps
T: 10:24
P: 278
S: 26.5
C: 101
This was hard after five laps and did not let up for the rest of the race. Got gapped with Kelly Bartholomew, Steve McFarland, Steven Wu, and Paul Mircik. Paul was able to get back in touch and the rest of us dangled about 50 meters back for fifteen laps. One thing I need to do is try to be more aggressive and bridge up solo because at one point every one just slowed down and I hesitated and had to backpedal hard instead of just going for it.

23 July 2005

23 July Corporate Crit

L shaped flat crit. Main difficulty is that some riders in field try to pass on the outside during corners when the entire field moves to the outside, forcing a lot of braking. Also, the lead riders typically took some poor lines for the pack. Average heart rate kind of low for both races. Probably not recovered from the track race last night. But power was about right for a flat crit.

71 kg
NP 186
TSS 123
IF .77

Didn't feel that great during this race, realized forgot to use inhaler. Anyways ran into Richard Perkins from Pen Velo and Jason D from Sierra (4th?) and John (?) from EMC. Thomas Oelsner and David Porter were racing from LGBRC. I just tried to sit on Thomas' wheel. With a few to go, David tried a flyer and stayed away until one lap to go. I was so far back in the last lap I didn't bother sprinting.
4/5 race
field 40
T: 38:01
H: 166
P: 184
S: 25.8
C: 78

P: 833 max

30+ 4/5 race
field 42
This race had teammates Rob Jensen, Thomas Oelsner, David Porter, Gene Rayner, Chris Tanner. Friend and arch nemesis Juan Ortiz showed up, having done really well at Lafayette Crit and convinced me to try it next year.
Since I didn't have any punch in the legs in the first race just thought I'd fool around in this one. We had a bunch of sprinters so when some guys went off and nobody looked interested in chasing I jumped out of the pack up to them, after half a lap the other two were pretty dead by this point and not pulling that hard. The pack caught us by the start of the next lap. Then just sat in waiting for the sprint. At one point Juan passed me in the bunch so I was worried about my position but he came back to me slowly. A couple of times riders would jump to the head of the pack but I did not have the snap in the legs to go up with them. About half way through my calves started to cramp up. In the last two laps the speed ramped up dramatically. What was happening was Rob was leading out Thomas and Chris with everything he had. I clung to the back of the pack right until after the last corner and accelerated a bit until saw about twenty guys ahead of me and my calves cramped really hard so soft pedaled in, expecting Juan to pass me but no luck so in the race within the race I beat Juan! :) Richard had a nice finishing kick to move pass me, though. A Team Spine rider I see all the time offered the helpful advice to try splashing cold water on the calves to ease up the cramps, and the evergreen drink for two days prior to race until your urine is clear, use Enduralytes or equivalent. I used one between races and ate a banana but will have to up the dosage to two next time. Cramped in second race at Hanford earlier this year but it was 65 degrees that day IIRC.
P:983 max when starting the bridge to breakaway
S:35.1 max

22 July 2005

22 July Friday Night Racing

My prerace meal for this included an appetizer of two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a rich slice of chocolate cake so I hoped to do well so I could continue this diet.

Elite 3 separate from the Masters/Women
71 kg
peak flow 500

10 lap scratch
Surging now and then and finally a group of four got up the road. I was sixth behind Kelsey and saw teammate Paul Mircik up the road so I just drafted Kelsey. I could see behind us the pack was gapped slightly and strung out. Finally with two to go Douglas Northcutt attacked out of the pack to the front four. At this point I didn't think we would catch them so I took the opportunity to sprint for a spectacular fifth place.

7 laps to win and out
I still was feeling either the first race or the ice cream and my stomach was a bit queasy. A few riders went early but with about two laps to go some came back and some caught on and five riders were strung out in front of me for about fifty meters and one of them was Paul and I looked back and saw the pack strung out behind me. I decided against pulling the pack up to them for the five places and pulled up track to see if the rest of the riders would be able to pull even. I think two riders made it up, but two other riders fell back so it was a wash. I just finished way behind the 345 sprint.

Miss and out
Eleven started. Douglas and Andy pulled the pack around side by side and Kelsey followed and I wheelsucked behind Kelsey and this gapped the pack for a while eliminating four riders. Jared was able to make it up to us and in the pole, at this point I went up track to box him in and was able to eliminate him to cut the field down to six. This left me just behind Douglas so I had to try to outsprint him for fifth place and I did not have another sprint in my legs, waited a bit long for that one, too.

15 lap every 3 laps points race
Pack strung out again by the usual suspects. I could see Paul ahead of me and decided against pulling anyone up to the minipack and let other riders try to catch up. This continued for most of the race as we chased and got within twenty meters where Pritpal was able to close the gap solo but the rest of us never got closer than that for the rest of the race.

15 July 2005

15 July 2005 Newman's Own Organics track omnium

71 kg
H3 clinchers
460 peak flow
10 lap scratch 35+
Someone pulled the pack for three laps so I just followed. When they pulled up, no one else pulled through I just kept going in the sprinter's lane, not really attacking, got a third of a lap gap and stayed out there for three laps when a couple of guys bridged up and we stayed away for three more laps and were caught about a lap and a half before the end and finished sixth or seventh.
T: 4:09
P: 332
H: 187
S: 27.7
C: 106

10 lap point a lap
Right after the scratch race was the only P123 race I wanted to do. Unfortunately there were only six of us that decided to do this race so no hiding. A couple of pro road riders and a couple of road twos, a three and me. Had not recovered enough from the previous race and got dropped after six and just soloed in for the track time.
T: 4:19
P: 260
H: 186
S: 26.4
C: 102

Masters Miss and Out
Some how actually eliminated two people. Thought I didn't try very hard but the data says otherwise.
T: 1:29
P: 396
H: 191
S: 27.8
C: 107

Masters 25 Lap Lotto
Group stayed together for six laps then someone decided they wanted to pull for half a lap and then slow to about fifteen in the sprinters lane and block. About ten people got stuck behind this person so we had to spend seventeen laps bridging, most of the work done by Yokota, Pritpal and Pallin. Caught and got dropped on the next lap. Doh.
T: 11:58
P: 258
H: 189
S: 26.2
C: 100

08 July 2005

08 July 2005 Burbank Memorial

71 kg
Not a whole lot of racing due to weird format. Next time I'll do the 35+ and the 123's.

10 lap scratch led for a bit, faded back, led for a bit, an attack went, we caught it except for one person, and then everyone else gave up and was content to follow me until the last lap for some reason.
T: 4:58
P: 305
H: 183
S: 25.9
C: 100

unknown distance
4 laps, hung in back, couldn't pass anyone because too much traffic
T: 2:18
P: 346
H: 186
S: 27.3
C: 105

miss and out
no data recorded, out pretty quick

10 lap handicap - four folks started in turn four, the rest of us started on the line, got in a paceline of five including Dean Haraguchi(!), by the end Don Langley got within a quarter lap and I got within a half lap of them except for Joe Fineman but too much ground to make up since they had help in the scratch group. Handicapped myself by going too high on one exchange and then foolishly overlapping Dean's rear wheel when he gave up and having to go up track. Doh.
T: 4:32
P: 321
H: 187
S: 27.1
C: 104

06 July 2005

Why is my power data so much higher for the track versus training on the road

Calibrate the SRM once a month so I am pretty confident of the recorded data. There is a drivetrain loss due to the SRM measuring at the crank and the PowerTap measuring at the hub but this should only account for either about 3% or 15-20 watts depending upon who you believe. This still leaves about a 15% difference. When I have attempted to do intervals on the road I have not come close to what I have done in some of these short track races. Today was the first longer interval day after a week off due to overtraining and another week off due to work traveling. I forgot to use the inhaler so I have to repeat this next week to see if the data holds up or I get better. I started off with a fifteen minute effort up Page Mill to just past Moody where it starts going downhill again. Then I tried a couple of repeats on Moody to see how hard I could push myself. The first time I got 255 watts for about six minutes which I've done before. The second time another ride came by me just as I was starting my interval. This motivated me to go pretty hard at the start and I averaged 278 watts for six minutes which, lowly as it is, is a new personal record for myself on such an interval on the road. I have to conclude I need a rabbit for my intervals or find a new way to motivate myself on these. These also hurt a lot, breathing wise. May take a different approach to training more harder shorter intervals and less longer aerobic efforts. From what I know, most of the faster guys have their FTP way higher than I can hope to raise mine.


01 July 2005

1 July Friday Night track at Hellyer

50x15 - this weeks races were faster than last week for some reason with a slightly smaller field - combined 3's/masters/women.
H3 clinchers front and back
Peak flow max was 475 this week.
72 kg
My knee did not hurt afterwards for the first time in a few months so that is a good sign.

Took me about 11 laps to get close to the front so I could sprint somewhere way out of the points at the end. Only four people scored points so whoever finished best in the sprint other than these four people would be placed fifth. Amazingly enough, that was me.
12 lap point a lap
T: 5:31
P: 308
H: 187
S: 29.1 avg
C: 112 avg

8 lap scratch
T: 3:39
P: 310
H: 191
S: 28.3
C: 107

Jumped with Alden at the start and we only managed to string out everyone. After that just sucked wheel til the end, sprinted for eighth or ninth place. :)
8 lap win and out
T: 4:11
P: 320
H: 188
S: 27.2
C: 105
Played the devil for four laps, thought I was pulled - didn't hear anything but I was last but apparently it was a neutral lap so I sort of chased for a lap and then was pulled. Weirdly this is the best I've done in a while in a miss and out.
Miss and out
T: 3:48
P: 323
H: 187
S: 26.5
C: 102

26 June 2005

A world class pursuit

For those that are interested, this pursuit file and kilo file along with a variety of other world class performance files are included with the SRM software and the SRM software is free to download.

T: 425
P: 475
S: 33.9
C: 123

What a world class kilo looks like

Some people are different from the rest of us. The fact that this person does 150+ for an extended time period when I have trouble with 130 and a much smaller gear is mind boggling. The surges in speed indicate straightaways versus turn, power goes down pretty rapidly after the initial surge, but still very high.
T: 1:02
P: 913 Watts
S: 36.3
C: 132.7

Burlingame 35+ 4/5 crit

NP 218.7
TSS 56.3
IF .93
P: 192
S: 25.8
C: 75 (spent a lot of time coasting through corners.)
71 kg
No HR data, not enough sweat, cool for most of the race.
Started from the back for a change, moved up the mid thirties and stayed there until five to go. Lost a bit of ground to guys who would pass and go very slow through the corners and kept going back and forth with them.
Left way too much in the tank, should have moved up with two laps to go but thought I should try it the next lap, coulda, woulda , shoulda. Stopped sprinting when I could see about fifty guys ahead of me in the final straight and some some squirreliness. At least I beat Juan Ortiz. :)

This was a full mph slower than last year, quite a bit windier today.

24 June 2005

24 June 2005 Friday night racing

Hed 3 clinchers front and rear
71 kg
425 peak flow
12 lap scratch
T: 5:40
P: 300 Watts
H: 185
S: 26.0
C: 102

8 lap to win and out
T: 6:10
P: 244
H: 184
S: 22.7
C: 88

miss and out
T: 2:05
P: 338 Watts
H: 178
S: 24.6
C: 93

There was a bad accident during the sprint 5-8 which required an ambulance. This interrupted the racing by about 30 minutes so some races were eliminated or combined. Our scheduled 25 laps points race was combined with the 80 lap nationals qualifier into a 50 lap 123's points race.

50 lap points race, lapped twice?
T: 22:49
P: 240 Watts
H: 185
S: 26.5
C: 103

14 June 2005

Friday night racing 17 June

Installed 165 crankarms on the SRM
Hed 3 front and back
71 kg
Races felt easier with field size of 13 versus 22 last week, plus Matt upgraded out and Mendonca, Pelaez and Del Valle were in Reno but no results to speak of.
Afterwards my legs felt great but not breathing so great

10 lap scratch
Ben went with about two to go, chase caught him, held back and came in 6th just behind him.
P: 258
H: 178
S: 24.2
C: 92

6 lap win and out
off the front for three laps and back in and out
T: 3:55
P: 323
H: 185
S: 25.9
C: 101

Miss and out
off the front for three laps and straight out the back
T: 2:27
P: 357
H: 185
S: 24.2
C: 95

15 laps points race
got caught behind a gapped rider and chased for 11 laps with Dick and Hilary
T: 7:26
P: 288
H: 189
S: 25.7
C: 101

11 June 2005

Fremont Crit

Apparently lost inhaler, oh well, won't try any breakaways today
35+ 4/5 crit
race a bit short of 40 minutes at 35
25/75 (I know I beat Juan Ortiz and this is the only place above him not picked.:))
Usual sketchiness
Former LGBRC Eric Bustos got second.
Heart rate indicates maybe the track racing on Friday was harder than I thought it was
Knee felt pretty good, though, after hurting on the drive over
I thought I was at my limit during the last lap but looking at the data I had a lot more to give. Need to ignore those signals next time or maybe it's the EIA...
P:883 Watts max
P:188 Watts avg
S:26.6 avg
H:169 avg
C:83 rpm
71 kg

10 June 2005

June 10 Friday night racing

3's omnium, 22 racers
H3 clinchers front and rear
forgot my asthma inhaler, doh
at least my knee felt pretty good afterwards
dropped like a rock in most of the races
71 kg

10 lap scratch
T: 5:05
H: 183
P: 262
S: 27.2
C: 105

7 lap win and out (took a flyer and stayed out there for first three laps)
T: 3:45
H: 191
P: 306
S: 25.5
C: 99

15 laps points race (caught behind someone who was only planning on warming up, doh)
T: 6:51
H: 189
P: 266
S: 25.9
C: 102

Didn't get the miss and out. Not sure why this was not recorded. Lasted three laps.

05 June 2005

Dunlap Memorial TT

I got to put to use the time spent on Larry Nolan's long form Thursday nights points races to good use as I rode a fixed gear pursuit bike in a long, flattish road time trial. Forgot to put on those aero shoe covers and lost my cell phone but at least my time was five minutes better than last year on the road bike with aerobars and similar wheels. Neglected to remove the padding on the aerobars before placing atop my friend's car so when we got there I had no padding for the aerobars, the pads long since flown off, oops. Fortunately he had a lot of duct tape and I fashioned some pads out of duct tape to place on the aerobars. Was a bit conservative in the corners because I was riding a fixed gear. The parts where the cadence drops to the 80's are headwind sections, and cadence over 100 are either slight downhills or tail wind sections.

HED 60 in front, disk wheel in back.

S:24.2 measured with SRM.
S:24.8 calculated from time.
Measured distance is 20.8 and the distance was supposed to be 34.3km or 21.3 miles. The tire on the disk wheel is smaller than the clincher I am using on the H3.

Last year I average 215 watts in 56 minutes and change. Taking into account the 3% or so drivetrain losses due to measurement at the hub with a PowerTap versus measuring at the crank with SRM still increased power by at least 5% over last year.

04 June 2005

Including one neutral lap exploring course.
Pack finish, couple of splits got up the road.
Where power stops going to zero is where I saw the break up the road and tried to bring it back. Only Pen Velo was out of the break so not much help - one team chasing versus four or five pushing the pace up the road. Should have just gave an all out effort to catch when we got within ten seconds of it instead of waiting for others to do the work.
240 NP ( this is higher than I can maintain for 50 minutes)
206 W avg ( this is the highest I've gotten on a flat crit.)
175 HR avg
81 cad avg
S : 24.4 this is slow but I was on the front a bit,and it was windy
IF 1.02 assuming FTP 235

03 June 2005

Friday night racing 3 June

H3 clinchers front and rear
170 cranks
70 kg

Point a lap ( caught behind dropped rider, rode solo for 8 laps)
T: 4:47
P: 300
H: 182
S: 26.5
C: 102

P: 268
H: 175
S: 25.8
C: 95

miss and out( only eliminated on rider from the back)
T: 2:13
P: 269
H: 175
S: 23.1
C: 83

Win and out:
T: 4:33
P: 311
H: 183
S: 28.1
C: 108

26 May 2005

26 May 2005 Thursday night finale

H3 clinchers
71 kg
Knee a bit tender still so rode conservatively until the end.
about 90 laps points race

P: 230
S: 24.9
C: 94.4
D: 17.0

25 May 2005

25 May Wednesday Night racing B's

Knee hurt a bit previous weekend so just sat in on the first few races to see how it felt.
71 kg
50x15 H3's front and back.

9 lap Win and out
T: 4:51
P: 266
S: 25.6
C: 98

3x3 Points race
T: 3:59
P: 274
S: 26.9
C: 103

10 Lap Scratch
T: 6:14
P: 261
S: 27.4
C: 105

25 Lap points race x5
T: 12:13
P: 231
S: 25.5
C: 97

19 May 2005

Thursday May 19 points race

110 laps or ( about 103 laps for me) with 100 lap warmup.
H3 clinchers front and rear, Vredestein Pista clincher on front
72 kg
223 Watts average
24.4 mph
93 cadence average
21.2 miles

18 May 2005

Wednesday Night a/b combined

H3 clinchers
Probably should use a smaller gear next time, had trouble keeping up with surges, also got kinda lazy in the B's about letting gaps open up, doesn't work so well in the A's.

dropped after 2 laps
307 W avg
25.52 mph
96.2 cadence average

point a lap
259 W avg
26.54 mph
99.3 cadence

miss and out ( one lap neutral and only one hot lap, didn't feel like squeezing in)
420 W avg
24.99 mph
93.9 cadence

50 lap points race (lost two laps to leader)
239 W avg
25.45 mph
95.7 cadence

15 May 2005

Sprint session

48x14. Left the 15 on the other wheels at home so had to change gears a bit. Oops.
32 spoke clincher Velocity Deep wheels

25.50 seconds
837 max
646 average
107.5 cadence
14.0 seconds
Boy am I not a sprinter. I started way late on my acceleration.

I did one match sprint, attacked in turn 4 from the rail. When I run this through www.analyticcycling.com, I would have done closer to 13.0 than 14.0 with this effort in the flying 200.

30.5 seconds
757 W avg
1138 W max
119 cad avg
31.9 mph avg
34.5 mph max

13 May 2005

Thursday night racing B points race 12 May 2005

51x15 with H3 clinchers front and rear.
4/15 or so
Crash mid race. I was in front at about the stayers line and felt the pace was very slow. No one else wanted to lead the race. I looked to the right and behind me and moved a couple inches up track when I felt someone's tire rubbing my rear tire for a fraction of a second then heard the tumble of bodies and bikes to the track. Didn't see this but others reported to me that a rider behind me on my left side looked behind him and while his head was looking back he steered towards the right into my rear wheel and lost control. Unfortunately this took out about three of the stronger riders and a couple of others declined to continue when we restarted the race.

So what we ended up with was a 55 lap points race with an intermission for the wreck.

The first part was easier since we had more people working and the second part only had about twelve riders left so I actually had to stick my nose in the wind a more than a few times. Went really hard at the beginning to try to stay with a couple of riders who attacked two laps before the first bell.

First part
210 Watts average
24 mph
93.7 cadence
Hit 1100 something watts just trying to catch the two guys for the first sprint

second part
229 Watts average
93.6 cadence

12 May 2005

Wednesday night B omnium 11 May 2005

11/15 riders

using clincher H3 front and rear

9 lap Win and out
292 Watts avg
104 cadence average
27 mph
2.30 miles

9 lap snowball
321 watts average
29.4 mph
115 cadence average
1.86 miles - ended up killing myself for a sprint at the end with Jim Ryan and neither of us scored any points

9 lap scratch - jumped hard once and blew, at least I hit my max of the night at about 1150 watts during the initial jump.

266 watts average
24.8 mph
97 cadence average
2.31 miles

25 lap nonscoring B's with scoring C1's
239 watts average
23.9 mph
92 cadence average
5.39 miles