23 October 2005

Pilarcitos #2 at Monster Park in San Francisco

35+ B
26th/27 ( I know I saw at least two guys DNF!)
Teammates:none. Darryl and Steve Stewart in the 35+ A's.
Friendly rivals:Murray, Mark of Penvelo, Jeremy Ferguson ( Curt raced the day before and was there for support.) and Blake Anton in the Juniors.

Had a good training week, setting a couple of personal best times on Kings Mountain and OLH.

This week registration opened at the scheduled 8:00. There was a line of ten by 7:r5 when I showed up. By 8:00 there were forty people in line. So if you come to a 9:00 CX race with a big turnout, show up even earlier so you don't have to waste too much time just standing in the registration line.

Similar to first course at Monster Park, mostly flat but hard to get a rhythm as much of the course was ungroomed and bumpy or turned to sand by the race two weeks ago. Switched the Kelly to a single chainring 40 to accomodate the SRM crank. Probably should have ridden this as I used the 44/34 bike and never used the small ring but felt a bit overgeared. After two laps I lost sight of the 35+ B I was following due to some passing C's and really lost concentration - had trouble forcing the pace without a rabbit. Then Blake and Jeremy passed me in quick succession. The power numbers are similar to what I would get for a crit, but I should really be pushing myself harder as there was only one spot where one would get the benefit of drafting. At least I was able to pass or keep up with everyone when I was running but that may be because I saved up too much energy with too much coasting. Unlike the first race at Monster Park I felt pretty fresh after the finish. Next race I will concentrate more on consistent hard pacing which has led to my better climbing. Other things I noted - there was one small whoop de whoop that would have been fastest to ride down - dismount - run up but I have not practiced dismounting on a downhill so I was a total klutz.

NP: 208W
IF: 0.89
AVG: 182W
T: 39:14
S: 12.2

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