10 December 2005

MTB ride for fun

Cast of Characters:Dino, Benoit, and Jun.

Woke up late and had to stuff the bike into the car and drive to the starting point to get there only a little late but my rush made me neglect to bring my camera. Luckily Jun showed up even later so I didn't feel so bad. :) Unluckily I managed to mangle my front derailleur so I could not get it out of the granny gear. So I rode the first couple of miles on the road spinning like a madman trying to keep up with everyone else. The other guys took a short break in Fremont Older and graciously gave me enough time to move the derailleur so I could use the middle.

I think my odometer and speed are about ten percent high - compared my speed data to Dino and Benoit and I realized I had the low profile slick on my MTB and I never bother to update the computer for any wheel size other than the one on my road bikes.

S avg 11.3 so probably 10.2 in reality
P avg 141
P norm 200
TSS 224 - I thought this felt really hard for a three hour ride
IF 0.85

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