26 March 2006

Hellyer Sprint Tournament

Teammates: Rick Adams, Rob Jensen, Gene Ragan
Friendly rivals: 38 other people...
Used the best cRR tire, Vredestein piste tire in the rear (wore out the current speedmax during the winter on the trainer and forgot to change the tire until I got to Hellyer) and one of the worst cRR tires, a Ritchey Speedmax in the front. Had the Velocity Deep rim training wheels with a CH Aero ghetto cover on the rear wheel. Since the wheel cover is meant to be used on a wheel with dish and track wheels do not have dish, I had to cut one side of the cover to fold the material over to change the angle of the cone and use a lot of electrical tape to make the cover sit flush with the spokes.

Flying 200 meter time trial

Actually tried to pace myself for a flying 200 meter with my powermeter. :)
My internal perceived exertion meter stinks. I kept it at L4 for the first two laps, ramped it up to L5 in the front straight, went to L6 in turn 1 and jumped a bit early in turn 2. This is my best time but only by 0.02 seconds so that's within the precision of hand timing. I am happy I was able to get a higher max peak for a few seconds for the flying 200 than in prior attempts but mistimed the jump a bit. Also, my effort in the match sprint was better but that could be because I jumped from 5mph versus 25mph with in the flying 200. 130 rpm seems kinda of tame for a max as well. I may have to try a slightly bigger gear, but on the other hand, not really doing a lot of L6 or L7 workouts right now which is my weakness.

This time was actually good enough to put me somewhere in the middle of the pack. The most surprising thing to me was that the range of gearing in was 78 to 98 gear inches for the fastest qualifiers - 13.1 and under.

Match Sprint versus Kevin Worley
Kevin was not looking back at me from the start, so I attacked entering turn one of the first lap, died in back stretch of last lap, Kevin blew past me quite easily as I was fading near the pursuit line in the backstretch. Hit 15.4 w/kg for 5 seconds during the initial acceleration which is my high for the year (even taking into account the SRM/PowerTap differences). This would make me a strong sprinter for a cat 4, unfortunately I am a cat 3 on the track so that puts me in the low end of the scale.

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