24 September 2006

CCCX #1 24 September 2006, Prunedale

Teammates: Mike S
Friendly rivals: about 40.

I felt pretty good on the start/finish hill but after blowing up here a few years ago, held back a little on the next parts of the climb, felt like I had way too much in the tank after the finish and ended up riding two hours on the road bike afterwards and felt like I could rip the cranks off...

Tried to go hard on the climbs and recover on the downhills and flats, but ended up resting too much on the flat sections, and possibly should have accelerated harder out of the many technical turns - harder to motivate oneself sometimes versus a crit where it's do or die and get dropped. The other fields also played a mental part for me, when I got passed by riders in other fields, in attempt to not interfere with their race, let myself get complacent about passing people where I could. Gotta get that killer instinct.

T: 53:03
S: 20.1
C: 78
H: 179
Pavg: 152
Pnorm: 192

CCCX #1 September 24 2006 Prunedale,CA


Part of the reason the report was so short is I hit my head pretty hard on the last lap so it made the race a bit of a blur and. Had decent technical form mid race here:
But feeling a bit of pressure from a rider behind me on the short, steep runup, and managed to do a face plant, my recovery from that was captured here:


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

always good to see you out there, Woo.

track, RR's, crits and cross.

... true afficianado.

Steven Woo said...

Likewise, wished I could have stuck around and watched you and the other the big boys and girls race. :(

Next time!