24 June 2007

Pacific State Bank Grand Prix Stockton

CTL: 128
TSB: 9
So my neck injury from January is finally better and the hip injury from last month only hurts after a half hour on the bike so thought I was healthy enough to do a flat crit plus I hadn't done one in about twelve months. No expectations but didn't want to just sit in if I could help it.

About fifty riders for the Cat 4 crit. This felt really hard for five laps but the data shows it was pretty easy, just not used to sprinting for three to five seconds, go easy for ten to twenty, repeat ad infinitum. After about thirty five minutes and two crashes in front of me I finally felt comfortable doing the flat crit thing and started moving up. Started making a move up on a headwind section when there was a crash and had to stop and restart, got back to the pack with one and a half laps to go, started moving up again, then there was a one rider crash in front of me on the last turn and I just gave up at that point and came in at the back of the pack.
T: 45:21
NP: 202
AP: 181
C: 94
S: 41.0 kph
H: 173
Pacific Grand Prix/Stockton 4

Six hours later the last race was the geezer 4/5 race with fifty riders again. This felt much easier. There were still a few single rider crashes all around me so still had to stay on one's toes. But the pace felt so easy I attacked and stayed away for a couple laps and rested and figured I would try that again with two laps to go. With four laps to go I moved up to last wheel on the EMC train on the front of the pack. I bided my time and counted down the laps. As I prepared to attack again if felt like my left foot had a lot of freedom of rotation so I started playing with my pedal and the entire crankarm came loose. Doh! Had to coast and pull out. I am such an idiot. At least I noticed and nobody came close to crashing because of me.

T: 44:24
NP: 200
AP: 171
C: 86
S: 39.3 kph
H: 171

Pacific Grand Prix/Stockton 35+ 4/5

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