30 September 2007

CCCX #2, Salinas, 2007 September 30

CTL: 123
TSB: 14

Still floating by on fitness from the road season, work eased up a bit but catching up on errands, not fitness now.

Teammates: Mike S., Scooby in the 45+ B race, Filip in the B race

Course: starts with a short steep hill (~ 30 seconds) on pavement, a super long descent on singletrack so passing is going to be pretty hard for while after the hill, long flat section of back and forth over barriers, ditches, and serpentine passages of tape back to the start/finish.

The hill doesn't feel so hard the first time up at the pace I would like to go, but then Mike passes me and I realize I need to make myself hurt and pass him back. We keep the group in sight for the next lap but manage to lose them on the next time up the hill. I needed to pass people at this point instead of being satisfied with where we were at. Need to get used to the lung burning feeling, especially since the hill was short and the descent was long.

At this point the only thing I focus on is the race in the race where Mike and I duke it out, sometimes he gains a meter and sometimes I gain a meter. One lap he passes me in the serpentine tape section, then I grit out another attack on the hill and pass him back. This really hurts but in the big picture is a lot less than I normally do for 30 second intervals. Not sure where the sweet spot of repeatability (as opposed to blowing) versus getting close to max ability is. Feel like quitting after Rod says four laps to go, but if Mike can do it, so can I. :)

Anyways, we spot Troy on a singlespeed and follow for a lap and I surge ahead on the climb on the next lap and he and I fight it out side by side on the barrier sections before he tells me to go ahead. Now Mike starts getting closer and closer, and at the same time the B leader laps us and we are down to one lap.

Concentrate on just not making any mistakes and let him get closer until we get to the last pavement section and I surge a bit and pull away from the diesel engine Mike obtained through multiple double centuries over the years. Funny how Mike and I are teammates and manage to end up racing against each other for position in every race!


2007 Sept 30 CCCX #2, Salinas, El Toro Park

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