23 December 2007

2007 December 23 Mt San Bruno Hill Climb pre-ride

Perfect weather for a December ride.

This is fairly close to the same effort required on OLH for a similar time. This is exactly the advice Keith Adams offered to me about the climb. Since I did OLH this year in 21:00 on somewhat tired legs, and will be able to draft on San Bruno come race day, hope to break 20:00, but we will see!

Stopped to take a couple of breaks for photos on the way up and during the ride, and slowed for the light.

D: 3.8 miles ( oops )
T: 24:41
C: 79
H: 172
S: 15.1
Pnorm: 246
Pavg: 227

2007 December 23 San Bruno Preride

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