08 January 2008

2007 season review

My primary goal was pretty simple - ride every day so it was pretty easy to meet this goal barring illness and I haven't been sick since the last week of 2006 as evidenced by the dip on the chart at the beginning.

The one complication was a neck injury from cross racing in January that made it painful to lookup from the drops so I had to ride on the tops for three months, also it hurt whenever I hit a bump in the road or even braking hard with the right hand. On the bright side I could still ride outside while waiting for the injury to get better.

Secondary goal was to upgrade on the road. Got enough top tens this that counted to upgrade but fell short by one point. Due to the vagaries of the schedule, some points expired and I start the 2008 season with sixteen points, four short of the upgrading goal, and fourteen short of the mandatory upgrade, aka Sandbagging to the limit.

911 hours on the bikes
11477 miles
44198 cumulative CTL
min CTL: 105
max CTL: 135

2007 season PMC

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