22 June 2008

Mt Diablo Hill Climb TT

CTL: 121
TSB: 5

Spent the last two days standing around watching others race, rode pretty easy both days, but still the legs were sore during the warmup today, not a good sign.

Today's hill climb is not my first preference for a race, but I have never ridden Mount Diablo from the north side, and I already had a prior commitment to do stuff at the track, so the hill climb gives me and opportunity to race this weekend, get a fitness test, and ride somewhere new.

There's a nice start ramp and riders go off every thirty seconds. Due to start by alphabetical order by last name, only have a few riders behind and a bunch ahead of me. Caught two riders and three riders caught me so I didn't get last place.

Looked at some past results last night, but mistook 29 minutes for 25 minutes for some riders that are close to me in ability, so I go in thinking I can do this in 25 minutes @ 285. When I get to the 23 minute point in my race I can tell from the distance elapsed that there is a lot more than two minutes to go and like Gob I realize I made a huge mistake and it's pretty demoralizing, and end up with close to a FTP effort for a short half hour ride instead of something a lot better.

On the plus side I was able to climb Mount Diablo twice today and have some ideas of what I need to do well on the course. I do better in when I have someone to chase in the mass start hill climbs like the Low Key Hill Climbs so may have to try Mt Tam this year.

T: 31:19
C: 77
S: 19.4kph
D: 10.158 km



Gianni said...

I was wondering if you were racing when you snapped that pic of myself and Jasmine.

Was that your second time up?


Nome Agusta said...

That's a pretty fair time for your first run.


Steven Woo said...

Yes, my second time up. I considered bring a camera up the first time but thought better of it. :0
Waited too long to sign up and the 35+ 4/5 filled so had to race 4's.

Thanks Ron!