26 July 2008

2008 Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge

Zayante, where for are thou?
Punch to the solar plexus
Ka pow ow, ow, ow

Wasn't planning on doing the time trial, but these guys made me do it...
T: 25:05
S: 11.3 kph

Full ride
T: 7:38
D: 165 km ( went off course a few times )
C: 73
S: 21.6 kph
Pav: 132
Pnorm: 173


Absolute Goose said...

Zayante.....Ha! Jamison made that climb seem like handing out party favors. At least it has some give, Jamison only takes it away from you

Steven Woo said...

I think I was more mentally prepared for Jamison since everyone warned me about it, plus Jamison comes at about the fifty mile mark and Zayante comes at the eighty mile mark. Going into both fresh, Jamison would be much harder.