05 October 2008

2008 Sacramento CX #2, Vacaville

CTL: 105
TSB: 9

They took out the stupid hill so this course would be a lot more interesting. For some reason the C field was much bigger than CCCX, and the women's fields were smaller. I really liked the new course, more places to pass or be passed.

My main objectives were to not fall on my leg where I was growing new skin from my crash on Wednesday and to not knock over the two kids in our field and become infamous...as W says, "mission acc..."

Lap 1:

2008 Sacramento Cyclocross #2 Lap 1 of 4 from Steven Woo on Vimeo.

Lap 2:

2008 Sacramento Cyclocross #2, C, Lap 2 of 4 from Steven Woo on Vimeo.
Lap 3:

2008 Sacramento CX #2, C, Lap 3 of 4 from Steven Woo on Vimeo.

Lap 4:

2008 Sacramento CX #2, C, Lap 4 of 4 from Steven Woo on Vimeo.

Pavg: 212
Pnorm: 178
H: 184 (apparently I have the heart of a hummingbird...)



gregclimbs said...

Hi Steven...

I have been following your blog for some time now and have been watching your CTL posting consistantly at >100.

As a coach, I can say that not many can maintain a CTL above 100 for long durations, and certainly more difficult with day jobs, wifes etc.

I am not saying you aren't doing the work or anything, but just curious, since I would suspect that you have underestimated your FTP (or you are ripping the legs off the competition!).



Steven Woo said...

I was actually kind of disappointed my CTL has been dropping so much lately due to work (80 hr weeks...), also, I should have adjusted my FTP *lower* after the time trial at Warnerville and forgot - you just reminded me! ( from 250 to around 237 )

Most definitely not ripping the legs off the competition - I can't sprint or climb that well!

Am motivated to ride, just not endowed with the ability to improve my FTP much!