20 April 2006

Thursday Night Points Race, April 20

B Points race
Field: 13
Teammates: Daniel Tisdell

Conditions: Cold and the usual headwind in the back stretch. With the full sleeve skinsuit and an undershirt, my arms still felt cold, will need to wear arm warmers underneath the skinsuit next time.

P: 258
S: 23.8
H: 183
T: 40.0
C: 89

Hed 3 wheel in front and a Deep V in back with a CH Aero cover. Vredestein piste tires front and back at 100 PSI.
51x15 gearing to try something different from the 50x15 I used for most of last year. This was the first non sprint track race I have done in about six months. Not sure if the difficulty I had keep up was with the gearing or the adaption to racing on a fixed. We'll find out next week. My average speed seems pretty low for the effort. Wanted to use the race as a L4 workout and the average power is good for me for this length of time. Got spit out the back in about ten laps and worked with Joe, Jeff, and Mike for a long time. We got lapped about twice when we got 14 laps to go. I remember this because when the field passed us this time a couple of fellows in the lead group were overlapping wheels and one of them moved and the other fell in front of us. Mike went underneath and I went up track to slow down but the rider started walking up track so I had to slow more and yell at him repeatedly to stay. At this point I just wanted to finish without any more incidents so I just latched onto the field of five or six riders the next time they came past. With five to go I looked behind and did not see anyone while in turn three so felt content to just follow the last rider in the lead pack until the finish when the leaders started slowing down signficantly and going up track. I made a newbie mistake and did not look back when I followed the other riders (assuming we had dropped the other riders for good) and immediately felt someone elses axle in my rear wheel, although he should not have been overlapping my wheel at this point because we were down on laps and totally out of contention. Fortunately neither of us went down but I get to rebuild my rear wheel and buy a new wheel cover. :(

I calibrated the SRM a couple of weeks ago and zeroed it at the start of the racing so fairly confident in the accuracy. Higher power but lower speed than last years' data. Spending more time on the front of the chasing group, and almost coming to a stop for the first accident probably explains the higher average power and the lower speed.

Just put new spokes in the rear wheel and it seems fine. Possibly will just duct tape the cover back together. It appears the axle was on the cover for three rotations of the wheel, perhaps the cover keeping the front wheel out of there for a bit, and saving the other rider for a while.

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