22 April 2006

Wente RR 35+ 4/5

Teammates: Gene Ragan and Jim Werle
Overcast and cool
Used the 50x34 with the 12x25 cassette. Might use the 11x23 next time, felt like I was spun out with the tail wind at 60kph a few times with the 50x12.

The first major bump was the feedzone/finish hill and this took about five minutes at v02max. Then there is about three minutes at tempo then another four minute effort for the hills after the 580 overpass. Gapped with about ten other guys near the finish line atop the hill. Might have blown up here because the first minute plus is at L6 pace but I managed to get through the feed zone still with some folks. At least this was farther with the group than the last time I did this. Could see the remains of our group ahead across the 580 overpass about 50 meters ahead. Was gaining on them (in my mind...) when I dropped the chain on the uphill before the first downhill, took at least 20 seconds according to the data to get it all back together - got it on, got on bike, started pedaling, then it came off again, got off, repeat, probably didn't make too much of a difference, but the ten guys behind me passed me while I was doing this. Gritted my teeth and started time trialing and started catching guys on the hill after doing about one lap solo.
Caught about six of these guys over the next two laps, rode with one fellow back of the packer for our next to last lap as he clarified that it was our next to last lap and not our last lap as I mistakenly believed - doh. He fell back on the last lap and I caught about five other guys in my class before the finish. One of the guys did not want to work on the last lap and attacked me on the tight downhill corner with the hay bales, it was pretty easy to catch back up to him and leave him behind once we started going up again.

On the plus side I did not cramp - ate three Gu's, three Enduralytes and drank one bottle during the race. Probably could have gotten away with one bottle.

Wente RR
~69/75 (official results only go to 68...)
AP: 181
NP: 219
TSS: 210
IF: 0.89
T: 2:37:49
D: 76.73 km

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