13 May 2006

Cat's Hill Classic

teammates:Jim W, Gene R, George F.
friendly rivals:Juan O from Bianchi, Mark from PV

Set personal best on OLH by 40 seconds this week so felt somewhat confident. Did a practice run with about 15 laps earlier this week with the 11/23 cassette and felt comfortable doing it in the big ring with a 50 in front so planned on doing that during the race to eliminate any issues with dropped chains during downshifts on the front on the hill.

Did six laps with the group which is twice as many as I did last year but was feeling some side stitches during laps five and six. Saw George have a shifting issue on the hill during the fifth lap and would have gladly pushed him up as I was passing but he had to come to a complete stop and the difference in our speeds was too great. On the seventh lap, would have been doubled over in pain but was already bent over the bike. Gave up after climbing the hill a seventh time and was unable to pedal to keep up with the pack. Somewhat disappointing in that I did not have any leg or breathing issues when keeping up with the pack this year. I'm blaming the stomach issues on the free pizza I ate beforehand. :)

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