09 June 2006

Hellyer Friday Night 9 June

Cat 3 omnium
Teammates: Eric, Steven

no placings
Thought I tried pretty hard during the races but after downloading the data I find that this was not that difficult for the most part, not pushing myself hard enough, my workout on Wednesday was harder than this, possibly because in a couple of races I gave up after being caught by the group. Got an L6 effort in the miss and out and the 5 lap scratch and a low duration/low output L5 effort in the 8 lap scratch, and a long duration/OK output L5 workout in the 15 lap points race for fifteen total minutes of racing.

Since I haven't been doing a lot of track racing this season prior to this, the biggest shock is the difficulty in starting from a slow speed to get up to a fast speed in a big gear. This is the biggest difference between racing with the A's or P123 field on Wednesday versus a 3 field, in the A field, the difficulty for me is in being able to just keep up by sucking wheel and spinning with accelerations from fast to faster.

A crash in the women's field put a damper on things as a rider was taken away in an ambulance. This happens more often on the road, but at the track almost every thing that happens is seen by the audience and racers so there is the impression that racing on the track is dangerous.

8 Lap scratch:
One rider attacked early. After a few laps, managed to get to the front and started working to pull him back with a few riders, but a couple of the riders were satisified to watch each other instead of going for first so we never caught up.
T: 3:15
Pavg: 319
C: 109
S: 45.8

Miss and out:
Got in the front in the lane as soon as the race started and led for four laps, and just lost it after that and was pulled. That was a little hard for a two minute effort for me but less than what I have done on the road, and should be higher since this was measured with a SRM versus a PowerTap.
T: 1:56
Pavg: 368
S: 44.3
C: 106

15 lap points race - sprint every five laps:
Rode on the front for four laps again, was gapped after the sprint, worked with Nick for the rest of the race at the back, catching up to the field a couple of times and losing contact at the end.
T: 7:30
Pavg: 272
S: 41.2
C: 98

5 lap scratch race:
Attacked at the start, got caught with two to go, gave up at that point, should have kept on going. First two minutes was *close* to my two minute max on my PowerTap equipped road bike, but again this should be higher on a SRM equipped bike...
T: 2:28
Pavg: 353
S: 42.1
C: 101

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