18 June 2006

Hellyer Sprint Tournament

My warmup for this consisted of doing the LGBRC social ride/race up OLH and down 84 and back. Got outsprinted by our 15-16 district crit champ on Sand Hill, twice... But it did take him a good half minute to catch me on the bump on Sand Hill coming back.

22 riders did the 200 meter time trial. The temperature was 98 degrees at the start of festivities.

200 meter flying time trial
Power was low but time was good for me - 13.29 seconds. Tried to get the speed up to 52kph before I hit turn 2 but mistimed the effort a bit, found that with the high entry speed, had trouble turning the pedals over faster, may gear up next time just for the 200 or work more on my form/leg speed for the given effort.

Match Sprint versus Shawn Hatfield
A lot of feinting in the first lap where we did a track stand and continued playing until turn 2 of the last lap, I did a small jump and thought I held back (but still did 15w/kg) then Shawn committed to a real jump and that was how we finished. Mark Rodamaker kindly reminded me that I should stand when I jump from a slow speed - I ride so much on the road that my first instinct is to sit and spin to accelerate in all situations to save energy, not to go as fast as possible as soon as possible.

Match Sprint versus Gareth Spor
This played out the same way as the first one, lots of back and forth where Gareth was really good about moving behind me in the opposite direction of where I looked so I was unable to watch him the whole time, need to learn to look between my legs or under my arms. He jumped early in turn 4 of the first lap and I caught up by the back stretch, paused and then jumped again to pass and win.

Match Sprint versus Matias Elgart
Matias and I played a bit at charging at each other but never made contact. I made the mistake of playing a bit too long and letting Matias razor me at the rail when we were in turn 2 of the last lap and I could not jump enough to pass him and he dived in turn 3 and the distance between the initial jump and my response was the margin of victory.

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Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's pretty cool stuff, Woo.

like the 200m graphs. fun.