09 February 2009

8 February Cherry Pie Criterium Cat 4

CTL: 129
TSB: -5

Not a priority race but some teammates wanted to start the season with this race so what the heck.

Was going to try to help a teammate out. I made one mistake which was not keeping aware of where he was! It turns out he got dropped. It was kind of hard to assess the situation from mid pack - there were so many turns and riders that turning back was hazardous to one's health so I should have just gone straight to the back and worked my way up to find him. Next time... This led to me waiting too long and hesitating to move up when I had the chance - only on one of the last five laps was there a clear lane up the hill to pass everybody and I only used it to move to midpack.

My other mistake was not accelerating into the downhill. I could pass people easily on the uphill but relaxed too much on the descent so never moved up much during mid part of the race.

The worst feeling in the world for me after a bike race is feeling really fresh because I didn't try hard enough and that's the way I felt at the end, stopped sprinting due to traffic congestion at the end, didn't realize I was that far back, either. Had several better sprint efforts goofing off with some friends after the race. Anyways the video shows most all.

2009 Cherry Pie Criterium Cat 4 from Steven Woo on Vimeo.

T: 39:06
S: 39.4 kph
Pnorm: 224 - like doing OLH at a 26:00 pace, drafting is too easy. :)
Pavg: 186
H: 171
C: 91



pc_loadletter said...

I am looking for pics from the cat 4 sprint. Do you know anywhere that I could find them? I already checked the ncnca blog links.

Thanks for the video, I got a good look at my ass pedaling.

Steven Woo said...

Sorry, those are the only photo links that I know about - didn't see any of the end of the race.

Steven Woo said...