15 February 2009

Cantua Creek Road Race

CTL: 126
TSB: 10

This race felt really easy to me, right up until the point at which I cramped - doh. Almost exactly the same as last year... The course is out and back for twenty six miles so this year I was with the group for fifty one miles, the last ten minutes consists of rollers, could feel my leg cramping up during the second lap and tried massaging it at the back of the pack, but had to do the last couple of hills alternating between using both legs and just the left leg and stretching the right leg - still only a little back of the group at the turnaround, then I got a full on leg cramp when I tried to go into time trial mode after the turnaround, but since it was downhill was able to stay upright this time. Last year I had to do a couple of vo2max efforts to stay with the group and this year I did not/could not and stayed with the group longer, though the effort for the full race is about the same.

T: 3:28:32
S: 32.8
C: 90
D: 114.1 km
Pavg: 156
Pnorm: 188

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