28 March 2009

2009 March 28 Ronde van Brisbeen Criterium

CTL: 15
TSB: 105
Been sick for a couple of weeks so not been riding as much as usual. Haven't been able to ride hard until this Thursday so not a lot of expectations for this race. Haven't done this race before but it's a short course with a hairpin and some narrow roads so it's mostly an exercise in positioning.

The race gets underway and it doesn't feel too bad considering my deconditioning so I work my way to the front. Then I manage to hit a pedal in the chicane ( I think ) and auger the bike into the ground. Thankfully I didn't cause anyone else to crash so I limp back to the neutral pit where the nice SRAM mechanic and Eric help me get back into the race, the mechanic notes that my rear tire bead has come unseated so I get a Zipp 404 for the rear, losing the power data but gaining aerodynamics. I get to skip two laps, but I would rather have not crashed...

I tailgun the field for the rest of the race, the only hard part is the yoyo acceleration from the hairpin, not really feeling the motivation to get up close and personal for position. The minor road rash I have hurts more than the race efforts.

What really hurts is the friendly EMT cleaning out my shoulder wound where he describes how the base layer has been ground into my flesh and merged so he has to scrub extra hard to remove it and some flesh!

Ronde van Brisbeen Criterium 35+ 4 from Steven Woo on Vimeo.

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