25 April 2009

April 25 Wente Road Race 35+ 4

CTL: 104
TSB: 5

Think I am finally over that swine/avian flu thing I got last month and a beautiful day to be on the bike so why not race. The climb is like a vo2max interval but I couldn't do those while I was recovering since I couldn't breathe but get to do at least one during the race on the first lap.

I thought I made it farther with the group this year but it's about the same as last year, just nothing left by the overpass over 580 after fifteen minutes or so, can see about forty five riders going single file about fifty meters ahead but at the pace I am going will not catch them, attempt to stand up and accelerate up to them and my legs won't do it so that's that. Takes me a while to recover from the climb, about a dozen riders catch me on this lap and I almost get dropped by the small group I am with on the flat part, catch up with them on the feedzone hill because they are taking it pretty easy, and am able to start pulling after we get past the overpass. The next time up the hill our group has expanded from three to about ten. Consider just doing the next lap solo after I get on the front on the feedzone hill with only one rider close but the fact that we are going for only about fiftieth and I want to save a little bit for the crit tomorrow puts that thought out of my head, though I take a lot of pulls on this lap, cause it's fun on the descents. By the last climb only one other rider is feeling frisky and he attacks at the next to last turn, I wait until the last turn and we finish in that order, slightly ahead of our companions.

T: 2:35:24
D: 77.3 km
S: 29.8 km/h
C: 92

This is not quite as hard as I went last year, and I am about five pounds heavier so really could not expect much results-wise, but a fun day on the bike with a good group of guys, though white shorts have got to go... Last year we went at about a 19:00 OLH pace at the start and this year we went at a 23:00 OLH pace at the start.

2009 wente

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