08 June 2009

2009 June 7 Two Wheel Criterium ( I guess we can have a tricycle and unicycle version...)

TSB: 7
CTL: 115

Signed up for this race because it's new and wanted to see the course. The name of the office park - Sonoma Mountain Village - portends a mountain top setting but it's more like Mountain View, the mountains are right there on the horizon. The course though is not the usual office park criterium fair, lots of undulations in the road, none long enough to cause any difficulty, and somewhat narrow twists and turns (for a sixty plus rider field of newbs).

The 35+ 4/5 race has a big field. I want to move up but am a bit scared by the riding habits of some of the riders ahead of me, not that I am perfect - see yesterday. There are so many close calls that I get out of the mode of racing and into survival mode and just finish with the pack.

S: 41.7
C: 98
pavg: 166
pnorm: 184
T: 38.24

After not feeling notall that tired from the first race, decide to at last work a little bit to get a better workout, sprinting legs not back from yesterday's efforts. Am able to work to the front - it seems a little safer but we have one crash where there were only a bunch of close calls in the masters' race. Not feeling the mojo so only sprint enough at the end to finish in front of Lloyd. :)

Here's one lap for those who were not there (that junior is really strong as was near the front until the end):

T: 38:10
D: 26.8
S: 42
pavg 181
pnorm 212
C: 102

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