12 September 2009

2009 September 11 Folsom Cyclebration Time Trial

TSB: 20
CTL: 119

Wasn't trying to peak for this but feel sick on both Wednesday and Thursday and don't ride much, a little less fitness on race day but should be fresh but feeling like I have a cold or allergy attack. If I had not paid for the omnium and the hotel would definitely be staying home, but here goes...

Only my second time trial of the year, first was Madera where I was feeling kind of sick and was, and today, where I feel a little under the weather again.

The course is on a widish bike path, with three small overpasses and the overpass turnaround as the main difficulties.

I shouldn't expect much, was aiming to at least get close to my 20 minute power for the whole event, taking into account racing adrenaline. Manage to do this for the outbound leg and totally blow up on the inbound leg. On the way back I can barely open my mouth because of the heat and lack of moisture, at one point it gets so dried out it's stuck close.

At least I know how I can make myself look like Tyrone Biggums.

T: 25:17
S: 39.5
C: 83
Pavg: 261
Pnorm: 265
Postive split the course with power, not a good sign since there was a slight headwind on the way back for the earlier riders.

Pavg: 276

Pavg: 246


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