12 April 2010

April 3 - Copperopolis Road Race

CTL: 115
TSB: 20
It would appear that was trying to peak for this race but just a consequence of the legs not cooperating and being unable to ride very hard this week. Maybe still in a stage race hangover.

Fourteen riders pre-reged for the 35+ 4 B field and ten riders show up so not only is the race going to be hard as always, there's going to be not a lot of places to draft. We do get lucky with no rain and only a few sprinkles during the race with temperatures in the forties.

Not much to write about, legs still flat after the epic road race at Topsport, got dropped on the main climb at only 3w/kg. Weird. Manage to make myself time trial the next forty miles to at least get a work out in today, snag seventh after a couple of guys in front of me DNF.

T: 2:28:10
C: 79
S: 27.8
Pavg: 174
Pnorm: 203

2010 Copperopolis Road Race 35+ 4 B

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