13 May 2005

Thursday night racing B points race 12 May 2005

51x15 with H3 clinchers front and rear.
4/15 or so
Crash mid race. I was in front at about the stayers line and felt the pace was very slow. No one else wanted to lead the race. I looked to the right and behind me and moved a couple inches up track when I felt someone's tire rubbing my rear tire for a fraction of a second then heard the tumble of bodies and bikes to the track. Didn't see this but others reported to me that a rider behind me on my left side looked behind him and while his head was looking back he steered towards the right into my rear wheel and lost control. Unfortunately this took out about three of the stronger riders and a couple of others declined to continue when we restarted the race.

So what we ended up with was a 55 lap points race with an intermission for the wreck.

The first part was easier since we had more people working and the second part only had about twelve riders left so I actually had to stick my nose in the wind a more than a few times. Went really hard at the beginning to try to stay with a couple of riders who attacked two laps before the first bell.

First part
210 Watts average
24 mph
93.7 cadence
Hit 1100 something watts just trying to catch the two guys for the first sprint

second part
229 Watts average
93.6 cadence

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