18 September 2005

18 September 2005 Santa Cruz Crit 35+ 4/5

40+ riders/DNF
Used the steel crit bike with 53/39 12/25. Probably could have used the compact gearing bike and kept it in the big ring all day with the same result. Maybe next year. Turnout was about the same or a little higher than last year. This year the event was moved from the typical right after Sea Otter date because they repaved the climb. This made it possible to go coast quite a ways up hill.

Cool conditions, needed arm warmers and knee warmers, and head gear.
peak flow 475
Teammates: Gene Ragan, Chris Pearson, Bob Skubis, with Mark Davis, Thomas Oelsner in the 3's. Phil Mehlitz and Abe Gore in the 4's, both fresh from the Mount Tam race yesterday.

Didn't feel that great during my warmup up and this continued in the race. Right before the start, got my front tire stuck in a crack in a sidewalk and almost did a face plant onto a picket fence, saved myself with an outreached arm but the bicep on that arm is still sore some twelve hours later... Got dropped at four laps and pulled at seven. At least I was with the group for one more lap this year, using Eric Bustos' recommendation of small ring up the hill may have helped, but since the field was larger this year they pulled dropped riders. Top graph is of this years' race and bottom graph is last years' race, about the same effort, for much less time this year, didn't have anyone behind to work with (or a rabbit like Juan just in front of me) to motivate me this year, was already looking forward to cross season, too. :)
NP: 264
P avg: 206

NP: 277
P avg: 220
T: 26:18
Chris hung in for a bit longer than me and thought the start was outrageously hard, this was partially due to Gene on the front pushing the pace for four laps but he got dropped with four to go. Bob hung out in the top few riders for ten laps and then said he had nothing left but was able to finish in the pack. Went for a ride afterwards down West Cliff Drive and to the blue whale and grey whale skeleton exhibits at the UC Santa Cruz extension and back.

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