02 September 2005

2 September 2005 Friday night racing

500 peak flow
teammates : Paul Mircik, Vance Sprock in the 3/masters, Jim Ryan in the P12 and Claire in the juniors.
Changed up the warmup again and did a longish Z4-Z5 effort and one big sprint which turned out to be my hardest effort of the night as the group was so big the only time to get a hard effort in was to be near the front and I was not aware I was near the front at the end the one time I was there.

18 riders in cat 3/masters
10 lap point a lap
This felt pretty easy as I just followed wheels around until the wheel I was following got gapped and I had to chase back on to catch the group just as they were sprinting for the last couple of points, several riders would go off for a few laps to get a few points and we would catch them and the last time I wasn't sure if the four riders I caught were the top four or the third through sixth because I had to chase back on but it turned out they were sprinting for the final 3-2-1 points and I just missed out.
T: 5:12
P: 277
S: 28.6
C: 110

8 lap scratch
This played out like the point a lap, I followed wheels until the rider I was following got gapped, I passed, caught the group just as they were winding it up for the sprint with two to go and hung on.
T: 3:36
P: 313
S: 27.0
C: 104

Miss and out
This felt really easy as I only tried hard at the very beginning and got boxed in immediately. Started fighting for position in the pole with another rider until he spoke out - sorry Vance!, then just got in behind him, third in the pole. This was going to be safe for a little while, but would have to pay attention to who was behind me. Kind of sketchy with so many riders so I had to focus on who was in front of me too much and when I ended up at the back missed the opportunity to get out of the pole and was eliminated after about six laps, feeling ridiculously fresh.
T: 3:00
P: 223
S: 25.0
C: 92

7 lap to win and out
Peter Tapscott attacked immediately but Dick jumped right on him and I didn't want to concede the race right away and jumped to catch up to them. We caught them and after they pulled up I led for a lap and pulled up and Vance got in the rotation in front of me got dropped but was going hard enough to make it hard to pass him so I followed him for a few laps and we got to witness John pull his foot out of the pedal and do a somewhat gentle solo tumble and I could sense Vance giving up at this point (understandably) with us about 30 meters back and two laps to go, watched the race play out from behind.
T: 5:11
P: 308
S: 26
C: 100

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