14 July 2006

Hellyer Friday Night 14 July

Cat 3
Field:10 riders?
Teammates: Jun, Erik, SteveO
Came in with really sore legs from a different taper on Thursday with a mix of L5/L6/L7 efforts, will probably cut out the L6 next time cause that really hurt in all sorts of ways. Did not do any good L7/sprint efforts during the racing, though got in a few good L6, L5, L4 so somehow managed to lose my high end snap without changing my aerobic/anaerobic performance. On the plus side I remembered to bring some coffee. Slightly different mix of riders with the absence of Jon and Brian and addition of the Arizona rider and Jun. It seems that with Brian and Jon out, everyone else is more equally matched, and that really changed the dynamics of the racing, though I think the Arizona rider won two of three events.

8 Lap win and out:
Tried a initial effort and ended up dragging the field around for two laps, rested for one, and tried again and dragged the field around for two laps. Felt like I did not get good jumps but the overall effort for the race was pretty good. Then waited for the end game. Got on the front and started upping the tempo with two and a half to go when the Arizona rider jumped, no one responded, and that really was the end of the race for first. Bided my time until the last bell when I could see four riders ahead, and two gave up. Mary was on my wheel so I just tried to razor her and just edged her out for fifth.
T: 5:04
S: 42.3
C: 101
H: 181
Pavg: 320
Pnorm: 342

Miss and out:
Since the Masters were cut and they were running ahead of schedule, they told us every other lap a rider would be pulled after the bell was rung to make our race last longer. At the very beginning Elliot and I were vying for position to go over the top of the pack. I could only manage a weak sprint to attempt to box him in but he was able to overpower me and pass first. As I was coming into the finish line I could see the only two riders I could possibly eliminate were Jun and Erik so I soft pedaled to save the effort for another race. Erik was able to score points so that was good, and Mary put in an inspired effort to win.
T: 1:03
S: 38.3
C: 91
H: 170
P: 397

10 Lap point a lap:
This was competitive for everyone in the field as it seemed riders would gap the pack but only by a little bit and we would drag people back. With 4 to go I attacked after a sprint and got about a third of lap lead on the pack. I was able to get three points uncontested and then had to work hard for the 1 to go sprint but the Arizona guy and Elliot easily caught me on the last lap, and Mary nipped me on the line.
T: 5:00
S: 43.5
C: 104
H: 182
Pavg: 318
Pnorm: 337

40 lap all hands points race:
Additional teammates: Rick Adams, Jim Ryan
I could see a teammate (varying) in a break of four to six riders for the first 25 laps of the race so I was content to hang in the back as there was never enough horsepower for a break to lap the field. With 15 to go the pack was about to catch the last break so I worked my way up to near the front. Another teammate attacked for this sprint, didn't really want to contest this against them, so then with 12 to go I slipped in front of Jim and signalled for him to follow and was able to lead him out for the 10 to go sprint but he cramped ( did not know it at the time), still he squeezed out a fourth. We hooked up again with 4 to go, and I signalled Jim again as I passed him. Unfortunately his cramp really started acting up and he was not able to follow to the end but I gave a nice leadout to Giovanni and Gen! :)
T: 18:23
S: 43.2
C: 102
H: 179
Pavg: 227
Pnorm: 266


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