07 July 2006

Hellyer Friday Night 7 July

Teammates: Erik O and Steve M
No placings
Field: 11
Started the day off by getting out of bed, stepping on a blanket, slipping, and falling on my butt and kicking the bed frame, stubbing my toe. This made it hurt every time I walked but I could still ride a bike without too much pain so I committed myself to racing. Today Peter Allen showed up and Scott Rodamaker skipped out so we were lost a sprinter and gained an all rounder.

10 lap to win and out
Attacked four times in attempts to get away but every one was wise to me and followed me, the last time I just sat up and let the field pass me.
T: 5:55
S: 41.5
C: 99
H: 187
Pavg: 302

10 lap snowball
There was a $20 prime for the 5th lap. Elliot jumped right away so I jumped as well and after two laps of chasing I was thinking of committing everything to the last twenty meter gap but I saw a group of three closing on me so I let up. Unfortunately those guys had one of Elliot's teammates and the other two were not so intent on catching Elliot, so Elliot got the prime and then blew. At this point I got kind of lazy and let the people in front of me dictate the race when I should have pushed harder instead of just drafting, this cost me a lot of positions.

T: 4:16
S: 44.0
C: 105
H: 190
P: 311
get a np of 360 when including the 45 seconds after the race was over.

15 lap points race 5 sprints
At the beginning of the race I was goofing off behind the pack, then a loud metallic clang rang out. I slowed immediately trying to figure out what happen when Erik pulled off. It turned out he broke a spoke. Meanwhile a quarter lap gap opened up to the rest of the pack, this took me three laps to close just as the bell rang... Now I had to pick off the nine riders in front of me and I repeated the mistake of drafting too long instead and getting too rested instead of just pushing the pace to catch people. There was another $20 prime with six laps to go that caused one more surge but I was finally closing in on the top five but ran out of time and only got up to sixth.
T: 6:31
S: 43.2
C: 103
H: 190
Pavg: 301
Pnorm: 319

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