16 July 2006

Hellyer sprints and TTs 16 July

Don't get to ride as much as I would like at the track so I did the afternoon Hellyer sprint/TT day even though my preparation for this was to have 1200 TSS in the preceding seven days with a 300 TSS ride on the prior day and 130 TSS in the morning. (100 TSS is the equivalent stress on the body of doing a single one hour all out time trial.) Had to be at the track anyways to assist Steve during the junior portion but Kevin Worley and Richard Brockie kindly took on most of our normal junior training duties. On the other side of the ledger was that I never really got any good sprints in since last Thursday so the optimist in me hoped for something better today.

Switched to the ghetto disk wheel with the plastic cover and Michelin Pro Race 2 tires with 50x15 gearing.

200 meter flying time trial:

Slowest time for me this year, but ballpark timewise to other efforts, and a super low peak power, so got the most out of what I had. One of our juniors is now within one second so I better watch out for him next year!
T:13.55 seconds

500 meter time trial:
Technically only women and men over age 50 and under age 17 have the 500 meter time trial as an event but I know that the 1 kilometer event targets my weakness as a cyclist so there's no real point in me doing a 1 kilometer time trial, the 500 is closer to a timed effort that I might do OK at and my only other timed 500 meter was at ADT when I was doing a kilo and I heard Roger say 38 for my first half split. I also am too lazy to bring both a time trial bike for the kilo and a sprint bike to the track. Weird thing is my average power over 38 seconds and 14 seconds is about the same.

T:40.1 seconds

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