07 September 2008

Benicia Town Race

CTL: 112
TSB: 20

Throat feels better after doing the time trial. Go figure...

E4 Race

Had illusions of going for a prime or two, but was never close enough to the front to go for it. The video camera malfunctioned or I messed up turning it on/off so no video.

Was pretty far back with two to go and had to sprint pretty hard with one to go to move up from there to mid pack on the hills.

On the last lap, the normal mushrooming of the field happened where no one wants to go on the front but lots of riders want to be near the front. Here with the hill combined with both lanes of the road open make it easy to move up so I put in an attack, and make it up to about fifth wheel. Was kind of surprised to not get farther up, so have to settle for the field sprint. Go into the finish straight about fifth, and manage to pull a ninth place out of that...

T: 42:30 (without the neutral lap)
S: 40.1 kph
D: 28.4 km
H: 176
C: 104
Pavg: 189
Pnorm: 230

35+ 4/5 Race
Was not feeling so hot after doing the E4 race so decided to conserve and just sit in until the end game started. Pretty much every lap I try to think of an excuse to quit, it seems really hard.

Video of the race, mostly of me wheelsucking as much as possible. If you want to skip over that, go to the last video for just the last two laps.

Somewhere around here, Derrick and I both look back and we see that we are at the back of the pack and some thirty plus riders have been dropped.

Last two laps

By four inches (that aero front wheel was a good choice! )
Benicia Town Race Sept 7 141

Gio with first by a mile

Jason back from injury with second

T: 38:53 (without the neutral lap)
S: 39.7 kph
D: 25.7 km
H: 174
C: 103
Pavg: 183
Pnorm: 233

P.S. For every one that's been asking, I now have thirteen upgrade points, ten from San Ardo, and three from today.


Gianni said...

I enjoyed the video, I was rooting you on around the last two turns.

What place did you end up with in the second race?

Steven Woo said...


I got third.