02 September 2008

2008 Giro di San Francisco

CTL: 116
TSB: 6

Felt a bit sick with a sore throat after University and took it easy this week, sort of backsliding into cyclocross season.

Got better then as CD says, shot myself in the foot with a six hour ride on Saturday... :)

Signed up for two races, not feeling so good at the start so stuck it in the small ring for half the race, then used the big ring for the second half of both races.

Went on a few attacks early, of course including the first one..., nothing stuck after six laps so hid in the pack for a while. Video tells rest of the story:

Almost deja vu except for the part where I blow early...

Weird, my only excuse is maybe I am sick. Anyways manage 6 w/kg for the last 1:20 (from bottom of hill to finish), and 5 w/kg for last five minutes. The last five minutes is similar to but not quite as hard the 92 sprint leadout for the Spectrum or the end of the Sunday social ride when I am trying to drop the CX racers...

T: 44:18
S: 39.5 kph
C: 97
H: 177
Pnorm:241 ( sort of like going up OLH twice at twenty four minute pace )


Was all tuckered out for the cat four race, could only suck wheels, cramped really late in race, recovered tried to move up but legs would not cooperate, mostly video of the backside of other racers if you're into that and there's an accident in there somewhere:

T: 44:07
S: 39.7 kph
C: 99
H: 179
Pavg: 177
Pnorm: 221


Hellyerite said...


Gutsy move, but were you leading out a teammate or the pack? Still at least, you were a big part of the finish and probably kept it safe.

Steven Woo said...

Hey, it's on the video, I attacked the pack on the hill, got around fifty meters in front and died on the front stretch, the first guy passes me about fifty meters from the finish, funny how that worked out.