22 September 2008

2008 September 19 Friday Night Track Racing

TSB: 18
CTL: 111

Haven't been riding much on weekdays, too much work, but want to see if I can get any track race video. It turns out once the lights go on, it's too dark for this video camera to capture anything useful but I get the first race that happens before sunset.

40+ 123 Scratch

40+ 123 Scratch Race start from Steven Woo on Vimeo.
Go at the gun, get in a small group, get caught after five laps, get caught, get dropped at I think ten laps. Even though I am rested, don't have the snap one needs to do well at track racing, haven't done this longer, high intensity in a while.

T: 5:00
C: 101
S: 42.3
H: 184

P123 Scratch
Ride at the back and hang in for fifteen laps
T: 7:45
C: 103
S: 43.2
H: 181
Pavg: 237
Pnorm: 273

Match Sprint with Brian Peterson and Daniel Holloway
I draw third position and attack when Daniel wants to track stand at the quarter lap mark, but I waited a little too long as the chief ref called for a restart. I try the same thing again on our retry, but the first jump took all the snap out of my legs and we only had about sixty seconds to recover.

P123 Win and Out
Ride near the back and watch the race unfold from there, but manage to finish a race for once...
T: 6:00
S: 41.4
H: 186
Pavg: 253
Pnorm: 278
C: 99

2008 Sept 19 Track racing


Brian Peterson said...

The video is very cool. Would make writing race reports a lot easier if you had video of each race. :-)

Steven Woo said...

Thanks! It would be much easier that way, wish I had video of us track standing then you and Daniel passing me in the match sprint.