26 August 2005

26 August 2005 Friday Night racing

Weight:69 kg
Peak flow:500
Tried a bit different warmup with more hard jumps and less Z5 type efforts. Was able to more consistently sprint really hard during the races. Maybe add in one Z5 effort next time to the sprints.
Teammates: Paul Mircik, Steve McFarland, Vance Sprock in the 3's, Claire in the juniors. Rode my bike once this week so would see if lots of rest helped my performance. Results indicate training is better than not training. :)

12 lap scratch
Was going to try the rolling off front trick but someone (Dave Keefe?) beat me to it so I just got on his wheel ( I thought I went easy but it took a 13 watt/kg sprint ) so we were off the front for 2 laps or so.) Then the pack went slowly around until four laps to go where I don't remember what happened but I think I was gapped even after putting a 15 watt/kg jump into closing the gap but the pack was pretty spread out around the track and I finished at least a quarter lap behind the winners.
t: 6:02
P: 272
S: 26.0
C: 99

6 lap to win and out
I led out the start and attacked and saw everyone on my wheel so I gave up after a lap. At this point Peter almost took me out as he led after me for about 2 seconds then pulled up from the sprinters lane to the stayers line as he looked over his left shoulder and veered right as I kept looking back to make sure I had room to avoid hitting him without crashing the rest of the pack... Then Elliot attacked and I had to squeeze in at the rail and pass most of the pack and alert everyone else I was jumping but I managed to do another 15watt/kg jump and had a gap and was already thinking maybe I could get second or first out of this. Then I hear the announcer saying person X is bringing up the pack and the 10 meters between me and Elliot isn't worth closing so I pull up and let the pack pull him back. Not sure why this person's goal was doing that because with the time left in the race, he was not going to recover to contest for a win and he had no teammates he was working with either. Got gapped with two to go and wasn't sure if Elliot just ahead of me was trying to block for his teammates ahead or just blown but the rider behind me encouraged me to keep going so I put in a jumped that dropped everyone behind me but I blew pretty hard before I closed the gap and the other riders caught back on and I rolled across the line way back.
T: 4:08
P: 317
S: 26.6
C: 102

Miss and out
I started at the back of the line and worked my way through all the riders to the front. This was pretty easy because everyone else stayed high on the banking except for Dick in the sprinters' lane but there was plenty of room above him. In turn four several of us were ramping up the speed but I really wanted to lead out the first lap or two so I was not pulled first so I put in a big sprint (at least for me, 7w/kg for 60 seconds) and opened a slight gap. After a lap and a half someone passed me and somehow I managed to survive five more laps in the sprinters' lane behind three other riders.
T: 2:37
P: 350
S: 27.4
C: 105

20 laps points race
Was just following wheels when with after five laps a gap opened in front of the riders in front of me. I was boxed in so could not pass for half a lap. Put in what felt like a monster effort to catch back ( was only 9watts/kg for 15 seconds) on from half a lap back but the attacks kept coming and got dropped at the ten laps to go point. Held off the pack for the next nine laps and was only lapped by Paul on the last lap.

T: 10:01
P: 266
S: 24.2
C: 93

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