05 August 2006

Fort Ord Road Race 35+ 4/5

Teammates: none
Friendly rivals: Bob from EMC, Keith from CCCX, Wayne from CVC

This was on the altered course from prior years, excluding the main Barloy Canyon climb.

The pack stayed together until the turnaround on Eucalyptus when Keith attacked a few times a couple of riders dropped off. As we descended toward the bottom of the one big climb, first the P123's caught us, then the 45+ group caught us. This made the climb quite confusing. We should have neutralized but the folks in front just pushed the pace anyways. I've ridden this before but could not remember just how long the climb is - it's about half a mile. I made it half way up then blew. Looking at the data, I could have done this and probably caught the group on the descent if I had paced myself instead of trying to keep up with the leaders.
For the four times up the hill I get:
#1: T: 3:21
P: 5.0 w/kg
#2: T: 3:54
P: 4.3 w/kg
#3: T: 3:50
P: 4.3 w/kg
#4: T: 3:34
P: 4.7 w/kg
Somewhat disappointing since I have topped the numbers from the first time for a longer time period during training and track races, and even the last time up I can repeat lots of times during interval training, and at that rate would have left me something in the tank for a chase. There is one small climb that takes about 40-50 seconds with a two minute descent just before this climb begins that makes this climb harder than it would be by itself. If there is a next time, I am just going up the climb within my limits at an even pace and chase if necessary.

Anyways, after the first time over the climb, found myself about 100 meters off the back, and about 100 meters in front of the next set of riders. Unfortunately the next set of riders were 45+. So I had to wait for a couple of miles before someone from the 35+ 4/5 group caught me, Wayne and someone else. We worked together and lost the other guy, then another rider from our group passed us and stayed solo in front of us for the next three laps. Wayne was much stronger on the flats and I had to hold back to not drop him on the uphills so it was prudent for us to stick together. A couple of times Wayne wanted to give up but I encouraged him to keep going because he was a really good wind blocker! I started having trouble shifting to my big ring during the last two laps so I had to use my hand to shift up. On the last time up the climb, Wayne got his second wind and was pressing me the whole way on the last climb and I finally gave up and got behind him because the breeze felt like a factor. I could not shift into the big gear for a ceremonial sprint for 20th or whatever at the end so Wayne got in ahead of me easily.

Spent 40 minutes in or above VO2max zone.

T: 2:20:41
Pavg: 171
Pnorm: 222
S: 29.5
C: 87
H: 170
TSS: 192
IF: 0.91

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