16 August 2006


This is a snapshot of the long awaited Andrew Coggan training metric or TSTWKT in his words for my 2006 season so far.

2006 season so far

This is one of the reasons it might be good to download every ride file - just in case someone invents a tool or algorithm that can be used to analyze the data for a post mortem.

Blue represents the chronic training load (CTL) or fitness for a given athlete, the pink line represents the acute training load (ATL) or recent training activity, and the yellow line represents training stress balance (TSB).


bdp said...

TSTWKT is good stuff! Looks like you are about to peak in time for track districts. Will you try and hold CTL around 125 for the next couple weeks, or back off some?

Never got back to you on the track TSS thing. I was asking because I knew TSTWKT was coming, and I need to go in and fill in some data from days of riding with no PM (track, and the month that my powertap was sent in for service).

I'll try and post my graph sometime, once I get the last month of no PM filled in.

Steven Woo said...

I only got to this level by being unemployed for 45 days. :)

May never see this CTL level again!

Get to start working again next week so it will start to decline, but it was a neat N=1 experiment to see how much riding my body could take.