20 August 2006

LGBRC "social" ride

So there was a discussion on the club ride about the difficulty of the ride versus a race. This week's ride had the smallest amount of climbing possible without going to extremes - Foothill from Los Altos to Stanford, Almeda de la Pulgas to Jefferson, Canada to Crystal Springs and back.

T: 2:22:49
S: 28.6
C: 86
H: 152
D: 68.0 km
VI 1.41
IF: 0.86
LGBRC Social ride

So about the same amount of work as one lap of Dunnigan Hills with a lot more sustained efforts versus the spiky data from Dunnigan Hills. Spent about a half hour at or above my vo2max training range versus only twenty minutes at Dunnigan Hills.
Jefferson climb, dropped by Filip and Diskzero, but Alfalfa was able to bridge up to them after spotting them about one hundred meters at the bottom:
T: 8:06
Pavg: 4.5 w/kg
Pnorm: 4.6

Canada to sprint:
T: 6:08
Pavg: 4.3
Pnorm: 4.7

Climb to Sawyer Camp:
T: 2:55
Pavg: 4.5

Bridge up to leaders and climb Crystal Springs and blowing up:
T: 7.39
Pavg: 3.6
Pnorm: 3.8

Climb out of Canada:
T: 7:39
Pavg: 3.8
Pnorm: 4.0

Racing up Sand Hill:
T: 2:02
Pavg: 5.4

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