07 August 2006

Timpani Criterium 6 August 2006

35 +4/5 race:
Teammates: none
Friendly rivals: Keith D. from CCCX.
Felt a bit tired after having to course marshal for four hours. Same course, long rectangle with two short straightaways and two much longer straights. Wind was a big factor so that the front straight and the straight just before this had a tailwind and the other two straights had a headwind. This meant the best place to attack was before turn three so a small group or single rider would make the best use of the wind. Spent the first third of the race near the front, managed to get behind some riders who braked excessively in some corners and had to fade back to the tail of the pack, spent the next third of the race getting back to the front and found myself on the back of the three riders leading the pack, all from the same team. The front rider gapped the pack by about twenty meters, and the gap was growing when I saw the lap cards say five to go. Took half a lap to get on the leader's wheel when I could tell he had just given up. Doh. Got reabsorbed into the pack in short order, let myself get too far back in the pack and ended up behind way too many people when the final lap bell rang. On the backstretch there were enough riders to fill the entire road but none was interested in going very hard so it was a bit sketchy and hard to do anything positive until the last corner when finally it opened up a bit, and was able to get one good effort >15 w/kg to finish mid pack.

T: 38:46
S: 41.8 kph
C: 84
H: 167
D: 27.0 km
Pavg: 182
Pnorm: 219

Timpani Criterium 35+ 4/5 2006

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