24 August 2008

2008 University Road Race 35+ 4/5

CTL: 118
TSB -4

I've always wanted to do this race.

It's not a good sign when I cramp during my easy warmup spin.

Not much to report, lasted two laps with the group, four laps with the laughing group and three laps solo, got lapped on my ninth lap.

It didn't seem that bad, maybe if I was fresh and peaking for this race I could have done better, but that will have to wait for some other year.

First fourteen minutes of the race just in case you haven't seen the course.

I think I beat at least two people! :)

Gradually went from 5.5 minute times up the hill to 8 minutes up the hill the last full climb.

T: 1:22:53
D: 39.0 km 9/10 laps
S: 28.2 kph
C: 89
H: 160
Pavg: 182
Pnorm: 232

university 2008


Hellyerite said...

You were not really on for that race.
But you eventually satisfied all the women
getting them placed in their race and got a
one of the coolest ever VP tshirts!


Steven Woo said...

I am going to take part of your quote and use it as endorsement of me. (...satisified all of the women...) :)

Garrett Lau said...

Your report exactly describes my race when I did it a few years ago, except for the part about the warmup. Oh, and the part about satisfying the women at the end didn't apply to me, either.