28 May 2009

2009 May 25 Memorial Day Criterium

CTL: 115
TSB: -6

If my legs felt sore yesterday before the two hilly crits, naturally they feel a little worse for the wear today. Since I don't have much hope for a good result, want to work on spinning in the races today since I have a bad habit of using too big a gear and mashing. In that regard the E4 race is a smashing success.

t: 37.24
s: 42.5
c: 106
pavg: 158
pnrom: 176 - it was easy but it sure didn't feel easy
d: 26.6km

one lap of the course for the two of you out there who haven't seen it


35/45+ 3/4 race
This race is a little harder, I actually stuck my nose into the wind a few times, and it's a little more strung out, even with a lot more riders in this field. No team takes control so the last few laps are chaotic with every one trying to get into a sweet spot location of close to but not on the front. A few times the field goes curb to curb over four lanes and am not feeling the the ability to move all the way to the front so resign myself to sitting in back. There is a mishap on the first corner of the bell lap, one rider goes down and I stop to avoid hitting him and immediately pull of the course so just in case that guy who hit me last time in the back is here so doesn't get a second chance! :)

t: 38:58
S: 40.9
d: 26.6km
pavg: 163
pnorm: 196
c: 101

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