30 May 2008

2008 30 May Friday Night Track Racing

CTL: 124
TSB: 5

Haven't done any VO2max intervals for a few weeks and it's much easier to get motivated for these when there are people in front of you and behind you so I am going to sample a bit of every category tonight and see what happens.

My pre-race nutrition consists of beef brisquet, potato salad, and beans, so this will be another test of intestinal fortitude.

40+ 25 Lap scratch race

We roll out pretty slow and Hernando tells us we need to start racing so when there is a huge alley at the sprinters lane, I jump from the back of the pack to off the front when the whistle is blown. Amazingly, someone else is crazy as me and joins me after a lap and we work together. After five laps, we get half a lap and I start getting crazy ideas, but the lead is partly due to Vance riding tempo at the front and no one passing him. When the other riders get serious, they catch us in two and a half laps. Try to rest a bit for the ensuing counter but when we get caught and the counter goes, I don't have enough in the tank to catch up so when the group catches me again I call it a race and pull off the track.
pAvg: 286
Pnorm: 345
H: 176
C: 98
S: 41.2

P123 30 lap scratch race:
Done a bunch of 50 lap P123 scratch races so I know I can finish but my sprint is pretty lame compared to most of these guys so I plan on doing half the race for a warmup. It's not that hard to *draft* at the back and we are going super fast. After having to pass lapped riders a couple of times I decide to leave the race to the sprinters and pull out.
T: 5:52
Pnorm: 277
Pavg: 261
H: 171
C: 113
S: 47.2

3/4 25 lap scratch race
Go off the front a few times, but nothing sticks so I save it for the end. There are eight of us in the lead group. There is a point with three to go where I probably should have attacked but the little demons of self doubt crept into my mind and I just hung out in the pack and it came down to a sprint finish and I just rode in seventh.
T: 12:03
Pnorm: 306
Pavg: 269
H: 180
S: 42.9

3/4 12 lap snowball
I consider going for the low point laps but one rider immediately goes off the front so I try to be patient and wait for someone else to reel him in, but it takes three laps. Shortly after we catch$, two riders go off the front and get four or five laps of points. When we get close to catching them I decide to go for it, but I have to pass seven riders. I think for sure this leaves enough time for Andrew to get on my wheel but he doesn't. But as I approach the line, I hear Hernando announce that is going to be close so I give a tiny burst of speed and it's enough to hold Andrew off but he has such a head of steam that he immediately gains thirty meters and this kills my confidence. Then Aaron catches and passes me leaving a small gap. I almost give up but put everything into catching back on when I see there is a big gap to the field. Aaron pulls me around for most the rest of the race, I was thinking about telling him to pull up but it felt so much better being in the draft, and if we don't catch Andrew, our finishing order doesn't matter. Aaron pulls up after Hernando tells him I'm on his wheel, and boy, was that half lap hard, maybe I could not have helped Aaron after all. Anyways, we get closer but we don't catch Andrew.

Pavg: 311
H: 181
C: 107
S: 44.9

30 May 2008 Friday night track racing


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Thanks for sponsoring the night, it was fun!