04 May 2008

2008 Cat's Hill


Started building up fitness again after catching the bug that seems to be going around the office and the area last month, rode a lot but so fresh after not riding hard the prior week just can't build too much fitness in one week, so not as fit or light as I could be but have to make lemonade.

Entered the E4 race because the other option would require working four hours beforehand and after having done that for a few years, wanted to try going into a race fresher.

Warmed up by taking a lot of photos and talking to folks along the course and riding a little bit, probably should ride a lot and taking a little bit of photos next time, at least pre-race.

Get a nice start courtesy of home field advantage, knock handlebars a bit with George, my bad!

Matt Abdullah guns it from the start and leads the first couple of laps up the hill. I try to race a bit differently and hold back on the steepest part of the hill and find I can make up ground after the stop sign and even on the flat part around the park.

After four laps I relax a bit too much and drop from tenth to fiftieth. Maintain this position for the next four laps, each time up the hill seems ridiculously hard, but I know it's mostly in my head. Start moving up with four to go when there is an accident on the hill. Riders start going down to the left and right and I start slowing and losing precious momentum to avoid running into people, but then there's a hole own the middle and I go through. This still leaves a gap of about fifty meters to the lead group.

Put my head down and start accelerating as hard as I can and look around for help after the crest and a small group of riders pass me and we work to catch back up to the group after about one and a half laps, this leaves three laps to *rest* up for the finish.

Sometimes think about quitting after the halfway point because it feels difficult to just move up the hill, but don't want to disappoint all those folks cheering for me!

I get up to about thirtieth on the last lap and am conflicted about moving up as I am not sure I can get up there safely, sprint up but can't advance at the end of the park, and decide to just hang in back and finish with the tail end of this group for about 30/100 riders.

T: 27:56
S: 37.9 kph
C: 95
H: 178
Pavg: 205

Cats Hill Cat 4

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