24 May 2008

24 May 2008 Beat The Clock Canada Time Trial

CTL: 121
TSB: 8

Was worried that my sole skinsuit would still be wet from washing it last night but didn't need to worry because it was raining a bit when I rode from my car to the registration so got wet anyways.

Thought about taking it easy but I was the one minute man for a cat 2, Jeff and started just before another cat 2 so that kept me honest. Was never passed and passed three riders. My minute man was within 30 seconds at the turn around but he never passed me for some reason(it turns out he was my two minute man and he was about to pass me at the end!)

Set a personal best (out of three tries), faster, and higher average power (taking into the account the SRM/PowerTap difference), plus this is the first time I used the pursuit bike on this course. On a couple of the little climbs actually started cramping a bit in the quad because never really go that hard in the aero position on a climb for that long and I only have a big ring. About ten percent less power than I've done for the same time period on the track bike or road bike on a long climb.
19/50 Men
T: 25:17
S: 38.4
C: 93

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