23 May 2008

23 May 2008, Friday Night Track Racing

CTL: 123
TSB: 10

Not so much quality training due to getting slightly dehydrated at Panoche and cramping and the comcomitant leg issues this week but get to race for four consecutive days due to the alignment of the planets and the holiday weekend. Am eligible for every race except the women's but only plan on doing two events for about twenty minutes of racing since I have to get up early and do a time trial tomorrow morning.

In a test of intestinal fortitude, ate one of the free hot dogs and didn't throw it up during the races.

cat 3/4 10 Lap win and out, one rider out each lap:
I think there are three guys in our races who normally race in the P12 group on the road so this should be fun. There are a bunch of attacks early and even I throw in one but nothing sticks so it comes down to four to go when two very strong riders go off the front and I am just hanging in there for dear life. Bells go off and I am not able to move up but I *think* I heard the last bell so our little group of four riders have the chance to place for pride. Mark Franklin is on the front and goes at the same time that I go from third position, and I get on his wheel in turn three and come around him in turn four for sixth or seventh.

cat 3/4 25 Lap unknown points race
I can't resist going to the front when a few strong riders pull through, then I fade to the back too far when another attack happens early. The rider in front hesitates and can't hold their wheels and by the time I realize I need to do something the gap is too big for me to close a. I try anyways with his help for a few laps and Tim from CRC but we get lapped and we finish just behind the lead group of four riders or so on the final lap.
Pavg: 285
Pnorm: 291



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