31 May 2008

2008 31 May ICCC Dash for Cash

CTL: 124
TSB: 3

Flat, four corner crit, usually really windy so 4/5 fields tend to stay together. There is some incentive to try and lap the field but only a reward for one rider and basically five cash premes.

On the second lap there is a bell rung by someone on the side of the course and several riders mistake this for a preme. I jump in behind them, and put in a little attack on the front stretch, but no one else wants to play so I dangle out there for the straightaway and tuck in and recover when the pack catches me.

The rest of the race is uneventful as I sit in and resign myself to the field sprint. Since I am doing a time trial tomorrow this works out better too, just use this to get a short but intense workout.

There is a small incident with three to go when Shane meets the curb on turn four but he is not hurt and gets back in the race.

With two laps to go I am near the back of the pack when someone in front of me starts moving up so instinctively I wheel suck. I continue this with different riders and end up about twenty fifth with two corners to go. To have any chance of doing well I needed to move up before the last turn but hesitated and got swarmed, so had to wait for the exit of turn four. I sprinted for the heck of it, and moved up ten positions, then saw there were only about fifteen riders ahead of me and I kept sprinting and made it up to eleventh. Usually I don't fare so well in flat crits but surprise myself.

T: 39:52
D: 28.1 km
C: 99
H: 163
Pavg 187
Pnorm 235


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