16 August 2008

2008 August 16 Winters Road Race 35+ 4

CTL: 120
TSB: 14

Short version: I sucked. This was a lot less than I have done in other races this year.

Only went hard during the race for less than fifteen minutes, six minutes on the biggest climb or set of rollers, then less than three minutes on the steep part, then five minutes during a concerted chase to catch the group. Otherwise the race felt hard to me but it was not according to the data. Puzzling. Maybe it was due to lack of motivation after I got dropped?

Did change up workouts this week due to a lack of time, did some shorter, harder L6 intervals on Thursday, will go back to what I have been doing with L4 intervals this week to see if it makes any difference.

Was with the group until the top of Cantelouw and figured I don't need to try that hard - I can see everybody ahead of me, at that point the women P12 caught us, and after a few minutes they eased up, a big group of racers in my race was still ahead of the women and a smaller group including me was behind. I worked with four guys and we caught and passed the women, and then the other guys started dropping like flies. We could see the field in front of us - I put in one last effort to catch them and got within a hundred meters or so but just blew at that point. Maybe I should have gone a bit easier and just taken a longer time to catch them, or maybe that's all I had in the legs today.

Rode another lap with the other two riders until we got to the big hill and they dropped off, the women caught me again, and I just rode in solo to get some miles in for the day.

I felt really fresh after the race and only had a little bit of cramping problem when I was in TT mode with the other racers on the flat section, eased up for a few minutes and the tightness went away.

T: 2:22:45
D: 79.6 km
S: 33.5 kph
C: 91
H: 170
Pavg: 177
Pnorm: 210
2008 Winters Road Race 35+ 4


Jill said...

Thanks for posting the photos (Flickr) and video. I was there yesterday doing my very first race (Cat 4 women). I got dropped just after the feed zone on the first lap when I dropped my chain. Grr. Hope the next one is better for both of us!

Steven Woo said...

Thanks for the note!

It's a hard first road race, just focus on the positive things ( in spite of what I write sometimes...)