03 August 2008

Timpani Crit - Cat 4

TSB: -3
CTL: 120

Field: 80+

Hoped to work out the kinks with the video camera today, and got a little more video, but not as much as a I can get on training rides for some reason. I think my knee or hand is hitting the shutter button inadvertantly.

Not much to report, start at the back, work my way to the front, get swarmed, start moving up, repeat about six times.

With four to go, give it one more shot. Work my way up and with two to go am second wheel. The rider in front of me is on the front for about ten seconds when he starts to slow, and I hesitate to pass. This was the end of the race for me because we got swarmed and I could not move up safely again. Should have just gone for it then. On the last lap am about fortieth an the field balloons across the backstretch and slows. The inevitable crash happens in front of me and thinking of Burlingame I slow enough to let the tumbling riders come to a rest and can only watch as forty riders keep on going.

Was just going to soft pedal it in but Anthony passed me so I *had* to pass him back. :)

For me this was kind of hard for a flat crit, I probably worked a lot more than I ordinarily would, trying to get different stuff on video that didn't come out...

S: 42.6 kph
C: 99
Pavg: 195
Pnorm: 230

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